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Python MCQs: Python Multiple Choice Questions

Python MCQs. All Python Multiple choice questions for all levels including beginner, advanced and experienced levels. Python MCQs for university students and programming learning.


1- The maximum possible length of an identifier in Python language is ??

(A) 8

(B) 24 

(C) 48 

(D) None of the above


2- The Python language was developed by ??

(A) Dennis Ritchie

(B) Guido van Rossum

(C) Satoshi Nakamoto

(D) Niene Stom


3- The year in which Python language developed was ??

(A) 1980

(B) 1985

(C) 1989 

(D) 1992


4- The keyword used for function is ?

(A) function

(B) def

(C) define

(D) fun


5- Which of the following items are present in the header of the function ??

(A) list of parameters

(B) name of the function

(C) both (a) and (b)

(D) None of these


6- If we define a function inside a class, what will be called ??

(A) variables

(B) class

(C) function

(D) Method


7- The Python language is written in which language ??

(A) C language

(B) English

(C) Danish

(D) Kotlin


8- What is the correct extension of the Python file ??

(A) .cpy

(B) .py

(C) .python

(D) .pyth


9- On December 3, 2008, which version of Python was developed ??

(A) 1.0

(B) 1.5

(C) 2.0

(D) 3.0


10- If we do not define a return statement in a function, what will function return ??

(A) Compiler error

(B) 0

(C) None

(D) Runtime error


Python MCQs


11- Define a recursive function ??

(A) a function that calls itself

(B) a function that calls other functions

(C) a function that returns null 

(D) None of these


12- What does the id() function in Python language do ??

(A) returns length of the object

(B) Id() returns the size of the object

(C) Id() returns the identity of the object

(D) option (b) and (c)


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