Synonyms Quiz With Answers: MCQs English Synonyms

Synonyms Quiz With Answers. This MCQs exercise has 20+ English words and their correct synonyms.

Synonyms Quiz With Answers 


Accessible synonym ??

A. Available
B. Susceptible
C. Unrestricted
D. All of these


Exemplify synonym ??

A. Reprehensible
B. Illustrate
C. Empty
D. Finish


Fond synonym ??

A. Affectionate
B. Addicted
C. Devoted
D. All of these


Prudent synonym ??

A. Simple
B. Rapid
C. Foolish
D. Verbose

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Abstruse synonyms ??

A. Recondite
B. Intricate
C. Obscure
D. All of these


Infringe synonym ??

A. Breach
B. Escape
C. Hard
D. Bound


Rowdy synonym ??

A. Restrained
B. Noisy and disorderly
C. Crowd
D. Pushout


Dearth synonym ??

A. Necessity
B. Luck
C. Lack
D. Abundance

Synonyms Quiz With Answers


Flank synonym ??

A. Side of a person right or left
B. In an open, honest, and direct manner
C. Hidden
D. Far away


AMNESTY synonym ??

A. Assistance
B. Security
C. Judicial
D. Pardon


Intrepid synonym ??

A. Timid
B. Affable
C. Bold
D. Lazy


INFRINGE synonym ??

A. Breach
B. Escape
C. Hard
D. Bound

Synonyms Quiz With Answers


Retaliation synonym ??

A. Reconciliation
B. Remission
C. Revenge
D. Condonation


INEBRIATE synonym ??

A. Dreamy
B. Stupefied
C. Drunken
D. Unsteady


Abreast synonym ??

A. Smart
B. Informed
C. Opposite
D. None of these


Decimate synonym ??

A. Destroy
B. Promote
C. Disfigure
D. Dissipate

Synonyms Quiz With Answers


AFICIONADO synonym ??

A. Enthusiast
B. Critic
C. indifferent
D. Rival


Abstemious synonym ??

A. Diligent
B. Confused
C. Moderate
D. None of these


YOB synonym ??

A. Annoyed
B. Intelligent
C. Humble
D. Aggressive


Fealty synonym ??

A. Loyalty
B. Non-Alliance
B. Amenity
D. Fear


Mull synonym ??

A. Help
B. Discourage
C. Think
D. Provoke


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