Synonyms Quiz Questions And Answers: Synonyms MCQs

Synonyms Quiz Questions And Answers. Quiz with Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on English Synonyms.

Synonyms Quiz Questions


Concerned synonym ??

A. Forlorn
B. Delinquent
C. Solicitous
D. All of the above


Prudence synonym ??

A. Judgement
B. Folly
C. Recklessness
D. Incapable


Ominous synonym ??

A. Menacing
B. Promising
C. Auspicious
D. Propitious


Contaminate synonym ??

A. Purify
B. Debase
C. Clean
D. Arrange

Synonyms MCQ Questions


Murky synonym ??

A. Dark
B. Gloomy
C. Bright
D. Both A and


Lurch synonym ??

A. Stagger
B. Tiptoe
C. Steady
D. None of the above


Fanatical synonym ??

A. Zealous
B. Moderate
C. Open-minded
D. Rare


Indubitable synonym ??

A. Certain
B. Undeniable
C. Fraudulent
D. Doubtful

Synonyms Quiz Questions


Abysmal synonym ??

A. Dreadful
B. Awful
C. Atrocious
D. All of them


Obsolescent synonym ??

A. Useless
B. Glittering
C. Fustiness
D. Modernity


Abasement synonym ??

A. Incurrence
B. Taxation
C. Pride
D. Humiliation


Jeer synonym ??

A. Scoff
B. Magnanimity
C. Applaud
D. Avoid

Synonyms Quiz Questions


Hue synonym ??

A. Colour
B. Dew
C. Still
D. Pursuit


Deflect synonym ??

A. Frustrate
B. Divert
C. Revert
D. Depress


Enfeeble synonym ??

A. Weaken
B. Strengthen
C. Powerful
D. Acceptable


Yokel synonym ??

A. Crafty
B. Canny
C. bumpkin
D. Crave

Synonyms Quiz Questions


Soporific synonym ??

A. Meteoric
B. Phlegmatic
C. Sadistic
D. Hypnotic


Stricture synonym ?? 

A. Strictness
B. Stinging
C. Censure
D. Discipline


Bibulous synonym ??

A. Huge
B. Boozy
C. Sottish
D. Both B & C


Warmonger synonym ??

A. Militarist
B. Pacifist
C. Honest
D. Optimist


Unhinge synonym ??

A. Sane
B. Stable
C. Deranged
D. Balanced


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