Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions. English words and their synonyms MCQs.

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions


Abase synonym ??

A. incur
B. tax
C. estimate
D. humiliate


Caress synonym ??

A. Adore
B. Kiss
C. Hate
D. Fondle


Thrifty synonym ??

A. loving
B. caring
C. cunning
D. frugal


PREVALENCE synonym ??

A. Currency
B. Magnitude
C. Impediment
D. Bounds

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions


Cadge synonym ??

A. Trick
B. Path
C. Disclose
D. Beg


Prognosis synonym ??

A. Unique
B. Good
C. Prediction
D. Priceless


DOWNTURN synonym ??

A. Spurt
B. Plunge
C. Upsurge
D. Repulsion


Gruesome synonym ??

A. Tragic
B. Frightful
C. Painful
D. Hateful

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions


Portent synonym ??

A. Lie
B. Isthmus
C. Omen
D. None of these


Paucity Synonym ??

A. Presence
B. Poverty
C. Scarcity
D. None of these


Bibliophile synonym ??

A. lover of books
B. lover of bibliography
C. lover of ideas
D. lover of art


Liaison synonym ??

A. Condone
B. Confine
C. Association
D. None of these

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions


BRISKLY synonym ??



Astound synonym ??

A. Amaze/greatly surprise
B. Clam
C. Clarity
D. None of these


Awfy synonym ??

A. Terrible
B. Happy
C. Active
D. Clear


Gigantic synonym ??

A. Huge
B. Enormous
C. Bright
D. None of these

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions


Bellicose synonym ??

A. Navel
B. Amusing
C. hostile
D. None of these


Willy-nilly synonym ??

A. Excavate
B. Haphazardly
C. Methodical
D. None of these


Waggle synonym ??

A. To bicker
B. Argue about price
C. Wobble
D. betting


Maladroit synonym ??

A. Clever
B. Adept
C. Clumsy
D. Serious

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions


Yank synonym ??

A. Push
B. Gluttonous
C. Hitch
D. None of these


Husbandry synonym ??

A. Business
B. Illicit
C. Rules
D. Agriculture


Succinct synonym ??

A. Concise
B. Elaborated
C. Extra
D. Verbose


Waive synonym ??

A. Accept
B. Struggle
C. Relinquish
D. Abrogate


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