Synonyms In English: Words Synonyms In English Language

Synonyms In English. This Part 3 of Synonyms In English has 25 Multiple Choice Questions related to Synonyms In the English Language.


Synonyms In English


Synonym of “Mano a Mano” is ??

A. Hand to hand
B. Street to street
C. District to district
D. City to city


Synonym of “dormant” is ??

A. animated
B. hibernating
C. active
D. vigorous
E. bird-like


Synonym of “peer” is ??

A. foe
B. connote
C. fellow
D. recluse


The synonym of “Perpetual” is ??

A. Garrulous
B. Sneak
C. Everlasting
D. Liberal


Synonym of “escarpment” is ??

A. warning
B. cliff
C. campsite
D. tomb


Part 3


Synonym of “sundry” is ??

A. aged
B. supply
C. various
D. tremendous


The synonym of “Colossal” is ??

A. colorful
B. gigantic
C. fantastic
D. bias


Synonym of “knack” is ??

A. bruise
B. ability
C. keepsake
D. scoundrel


Synonym of “castigate” is ??

A. neuter
B. punish
C. banish
D. celebrate


The synonym of “Panacea” is ??

A. Morbidity
B. Cure-all
C. Portray
D. Insight


Synonyms In English


The synonym of “pococurante” is ??

A. native
B. hot
C. blase
D. hidden


Synonym of “prevalent” is ??

A. wind
B. servile
C. widespread
D. rare


The synonym of ”Irreverenced” is ??

A. Honor
B. Wrong
C. Disrespect
D. Appease


Synonym of “glare” is ??

A. scowl
B. hide
C. display
D. summon


Synonym of “drizzle” is ??

A. curly
B. sprinkle
C. sear
D. drench


Synonyms In English


The synonym of “adipose” is ??

A. liquid
B. weighty
C. major
D. fatty


Synonym of “Victory” is ??

A. progress
B. success
C. defeat
D. fortune
E. overcome


Synonym of “cryptic” is ??

A. obscure
B. written
C. copied
D. dead
E. puzzling


Synonym of “encroach” is ??

A. infest
B. spread out
C. weaken
D. trespass


Synonym of ”inane” is ??

A. lifeless
B. senseless
C. hopeless
D. faithless
E. crazy


Synonyms In English


Synonym of “calumny” is ??

A. compliment
B. cleverness
C. slander
D. hardship


The synonym of “FIASCO” is ??

A. care
B. love
C. failure
D. careless


Synonym of “largesse” is ??

A. greatness
B. generosity
C. anger
D. clumsiness


Synonym of “accolade” is ??

A. balcony
B. outer garment
C. drink
D. honor
E. fruit


Synonym of “civil” is ??

A. unkind
B. trite
C. public
D. questionable


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