Switch Telecom MCQs: Switching Telecommunication MCQs

Switch Telecom MCQs. Electronics Engineering Multiple Choice Questions related to Switch Telecom (Telecommunication & Switching).


Switch Telecom MCQs



Which type of connection takes place between an incoming trunk and an outgoing trunk?

a. Local call
b. Outgoing call
c. Incoming call
d. Transit call


In a two-stage network, which phenomenon/situation occurs due to impossible connectivity of given incoming trunk to selected outgoing trunk specifically because of link utilization for other connection between primary and secondary switches ??

a. Bursting
b. Blinking
c. Blocking
d. Burning


In a message switching system, an incoming message gets ____ especially if the required route is busy ??

a. lost
b. stored in a queue & retransmitted
c. sampled
d. recovered


MCQs Telecommunication



Which type of switching network involves the establishment of a dedicated path between two stations ??

a. Message Switching
b. Packet Switching
c. Circuit Switching
d. Manual Switching


Which model of loss system allows the usage of the Poisson distribution model for traffic analysis especially by assuming an infinite number of users ??

a. Lost Calls Cleared (LCC)
b. Lost Calls Returned (LCR)
c. Lost Calls Held (LCH)
d. None of the above


In packet switching, what does the header of each short size of packet consist of ??

a. Source address
b. Destination address
c. Intermediate nodes
d. All of the above


Switch Telecom MCQs


Which type of holding time distribution is assumed for the voice conversation on the telephone ??

a. Constant
b. Exponential
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


In manual switching, which kind of battery exchange has the provision of subscribers set along with magneto generator ??

a. Local battery exchange
b. Central battery exchange
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


If a group of the trunk is offered 1200 calls during the busy hour & 20 calls are lost along with the average call duration of about 7 min, then what would be the total duration of the congestion period ??

a. 21.6 sec
b. 42.2 sec
c. 57.6 sec
d. 98.2 sec


Switch Telecom MCQs


If the queuing systems are connected in tandem configuration, what would be the nature of the delay ??

a. Commutative
b. Distributive
c. Cumulative
d. Deductive


In analyzing the traffic performance, how is the number of trunks decided with the provision of the Grade of Service (GoS) especially for larger groups ??

a. By normal load condition
b. By overload condition
c. By underload condition
d. None of the above


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