SQL MCQs | SQL multiple choice questions

SQL related multiple-choice questions. Here are Structured Query Language SQL MCQs for beginners and advanced levels. These multiple-choice questions can help you to enhance your knowledge about SQL. Also, it can help you with tests and interviews. 




1- What does SQL stand for?

(A) Sequence Query Language

(B) Structured Query Language

(C) System Query Language

(D) Systematic Query Language


2- When did SQL become a standard of ANSI?

(A) 1984

(B) 1985

(C) 1986

(D) 1988


3- Which statement selects data from a database?

(A) select

(B) show

(C) display

(D) output


4- Which statement adds new rows of data in a table? 

(A) put into

(B) add into

(C) insert into

(D) None of the above


5- To delete an existing SQL database, the correct command is?

(A) Finish Database

(B) Truncate Database

(C) Remove Database

(D) Drop Database


6- The operator that performs pattern matching is?

(A) Exists operator

(B) Between operator

(C) Like operator

(D) None


7- To change a table’s characteristics, what command we use in SQL?

(A) Alter table

(B) Change table

(C) Structure table

(D) All of these


8- Which of the following is not a DDL command in SQL?

(A) Grant

(B) Rename

(C) Update 

(D) Revoke


9- To change one or more fields of a record we use _____ command?

(A) Modify

(B) Change

(C) Rename

(D) None of the above


10- The use of the “From” clause is to

(A) Specify a search condition

(B) Specify what table we are selecting or deleting the data

(C) Specify a range

(D) None of these


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