SEO Quiz For Beginners: SEO Multiple Choice Questions

SEO Quiz For Beginners. Search Engine Optimization Questions and Answers.

SEO Quiz For Beginners


What does the term sandbox mean in SEO ??

a) This is where sites are kept till they get mature enough to be included in the top rankings for a particular keyword
b) A special category of sites that are listed in kid-safe searches
c) The box with paid ads that appear when you perform a search
d) The first 10 search results for a particular keyword


Search engine optimization is the process of _____ of a website or a web page in a search engine’s search results ??

a) Generating Cached Files
b) Getting Meta Tags
c) Increase the visibility
d) None of these


Which of the following can be termed as appropriate Keyword density ??

a) 0.01-0.1%
b) 0.1-1%
c) 3-4%
d) 7-10%


Which of the following tactics can harm your search rankings ??

a) Adding navigation links to your pages template
b) Using text that is the same color as the background of your page
c) Linking to your site from other websites
d) None of the above

SEO Quiz For Beginners


Which of the following can be termed as good keyword selection and placement strategies ??

a) Optimizing five or more keywords per page
b) Copying competitor keywords
c) Targeting the highest searched keywords only
d) Targeting synonyms of the main keyword


What is Page Rank ??

a) The Alexa technology for ranking pages
b) The way Yahoo! measures how popular a given page is based on the number and quality of sites that link to it
c) The search relevancy of a page compared to the other pages in the search engine
d) The way Google measures how popular a given page is based on the number and quality of sites that link to it


What does the 302 server response code signify ??

a) It signifies conflict, too many people wanted the same file at the same time
b) The method you are using to access the file is not allowed
c) The page has been permanently removed
d) The page has temporarily moved


All major search engines are case sensitive ??

a) True
b) False

SEO Quiz For Beginners


Which of the following statements about RSS are correct ??

a) It is a Microsoft technology
b) It is a good way of displaying static information
c) It stands for real-time streamlined syndication
d) It is a form of XML


SEO is to improve the volume and ____ to a website from search engines ??

a) Quality of traffic
b) Look and Feel
c) Advertisement
d) None of these


What is a friendly URL ??

a)  a short recognizable URL with relevant keywords
b) that contains hyphens (-)
c) a short URL
d) None of the above


Google webmaster tools can help you with ??

a) Finding queries
b) To check for competitors
c) In finding duplicate or missing titles or descriptions
d) None of the above

SEO Quiz For Beginners


What is the generally accepted difference between SEO and SEM ??

a) SEO tends to be a West coast term, SEM is more East coast
b) SEO refers to organic(natural) listings while SEM covers PPC or paid search
c) No difference, they’re synonymous
d) SEO focuses on organic(natural) search rankings, SEM encompasses all aspects of search marketing


How do sitemaps help a website with search engines ??

a) Search engines can quickly find the new content on a website
b) They help search engines to understand the structure of a website
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above


Indexing of websites on the internet for the use of search engines is done by ??

a) Quality Raters
b) Spiders
c) Algorithms
d) None of these


Which HTTP server response code indicates a file that no longer exists ??

a) 401
b) 301
c) 500
d) 404

SEO Quiz For Beginners


Why are long-tail searches closer to resulting in purchasing items ??

a) Because they are easier to compete
b) Because they already have a precise idea of what the user is looking for
c) Because long-tail searches are popular
d) None of the above options


What does the 301 server response code signify ??

a) Moved Permanently
b) Syntax error in the request
c) Not Modified
d) Payment is require


How can meta description tags help with the practice of search engine optimization ??

a) They are an important ranking factor in the search algorithms
b) They serve as the copy that will entice searchers to click on your listing
c) They help to tell the engines which keywords are most important on your page
d) Meta descriptions are not important


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