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Science MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions

Science MCQ. Multiple-Choice on Science and Technology-related topics. These MCQs will help school/college/university students to gain information about Science and technology. See General Science MCQ


Science MCQ


1- The technology which is available to everyone and no longer protected by copyright law is known as ??

(A) Open source

(B) Public Domain Technology

(C) Proprietary

(D) Experimental


2- China launched its Satellite on October 12, 2020, the name of the satellite was ??

(A) Ziyuan Satellite

(B) Gaofen 1 Satellite

(C) Tianwen-2 Satellite

(D) Gaofen 13 Satellite


3- How many layers does Earth’s atmosphere have ??

(A) 4

(B) 5

(C) 6 

(D) 7


4- Which tags are placed on animals to track and record all movements of the animals ??



(C) PPS 



5- A law enforcement specialty that has the ability to read damaged or deleted files from a criminal’s computer or device is called ??

(A) Animation

(B) X-Ray collection

(C) Robotics

(D) Computer Forensic


6- A conceptual luxury space hotel, promises virtual reality and Wi-Fi for travelers in low Earth orbit is ??

(A) Aurora Space Station

(B) Tiangong

(C) Nasa Space Station

(D) Space X


7- Which of these is NASA’s “Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite” or TESS ??

(A) Satellite to discover Earth-like planets

(B) Satellite to observe Earth’s orbit

(C) Planet-Hunting Satellite

(D) All of the above


8- In March 2018, Alibaba teamed up with which auto-mobile company to launch car vending machines in China ??

(A) Toyota


(C) Chevrolet

(D) Ford


9- Who invented the QWERTY keyboard ??

(A) Henry Mill 

(B) Christopher Latham Sholes

(C) Graham Bell

(D) Carlos Glidden


10- How deep is Mariana Trench ??

(A) 10,994 meters

(B) 10,990 meters

(C) 10, 880 meters

(D) None of these




11- What is “Circadian Rhythm” ??

(A) Human Body Cycles

(B) Calisthenics 

(C) Planetry movements

(D) None of the above


12- Which terminals (formerly known as cash registers) are often connected to complex inventory and sales computer systems ??

(A) Query

(B) POS (Point Of Scale)

(C) Data

(D) Matrices


13- In our solar system the outermost planet is ??

(A) Uranus

(B) Neptune 

(C) Mars

(D) Mercury


14- Two new planets identified by NASA and google around the distant stars, they are ??

(A) Kepler 90i, Kepler 82g

(B) Kepler 81g, Kepler 90i

(C) Kepler 80g, Kepler 90i

(D) Kepler 90g, Kepler 80i


15- “Fuzzy Logic” is a part of ??

(A) Sophism

(B) Computer Science

(C) Mathematics

(D) Robotics


16- Which of these utilizes sunlight in a direct manner ??

(A) Biogas production

(B) Photo Voltaic cell

(C) Solar thermal Cells

(D) Both (a) and (b)


17- The severe deficiency of “Vitamin D” causes ??

(A) Night Blindness

(B) Scurvy

(C) Rickets

(D) None of the above


18- In the year 2014-15, the newest island was formed in which country ??

(A) Japan

(B) Tonga

(C) Uganda

(D) Turkey


19- What is Periodontics ??

(A) its a surgery of the brain

(B) Dentistry

(C) It is a stomach disorder

(D) Cardiac issue


20- When was the concept of “Ecological Transition” first used by ??

(A) Bennett 

(B) Edison

(C) Ratzel

(D) Elon Musk

Science MCQ

21- The SI unit of “charge is ??

(A) Ohm

(B) Volt

(C) Ampere

(D) Coulomb


22- Which material provides 5 times faster-charging speed than lithium-ion batteries ?? 

(A) Carbon

(B) Mercury

(C) Graphene

(D) Nitrate


23- “NEQS” is related to ??

(A) Atmosphere 

(B) Environment

(C) Hydrology

(D) Organic Chemistry


24- Which scientists discovered Neutron and won Noble Prize in 1932 ??

(A) Einstein

(B) Fleming

(C) James Chadwick

(D) Graham Bell


25- One can correct his/her long-sight by wearing ??

(A) Concave lens

(B) Convex lens

(C) Diverging lens

(D) None of these


26- Which of these network protocols is described by GSM ??

(A) 3G

(B) 2G

(C) 4G

(D) All of the above


27- In warmer parts of the oceans which is the fastest marine animal found ??

(A) Shark

(B) Marlin

(C) White Lobster

(D) Sailfish


28- What is “Oncology” related to ??

(A) Cancer

(B) Birds

(C) Planets

(D) Mammals


29- In which core of the earth do Tectonic plates lie ??

(A) Outer Core

(B) Lithosphere 

(C) Inner Core

(D) Asthenosphere


30- The most abundant form also the fourth state of matter in the universe ??

(A) Plasma

(B) Gas

(C) Liquid

(D) Solid


Science MCQ


31- The deficiency of “Vitamin A” results in ??

(A) Hair Fall

(B) Brain Tumor

(C) Rickets

(D) Night blindness


32- The movement of the ocean water is ??

(A) Horizontally and Vertically

(B) Horizontal only

(C) Vertical only

(D) In all directions


33- The percentage of total fresh water on Earth is ??

(A) 25%

(B) 2.5%

(C) 2.25%

(D) 0.25%


34- About how much energy from the sun enters in earth’s atmosphere ??

(A) 100%

(B) 80 %

(C) 70%

(D) 60%


35- If we decrease volume for a fixed mass of gas at constant pressure then the pressure will ??

(A) remains constant

(B) will decrease 

(C) will increase 

(D) None of the above 


36- Which component of our body is an energy storage device ??

(A) brain

(B) liver

(C) heart

(D) Fats


37- The ozone layer is present in Earth’s atmosphere at a height of ??

(A) 20-30 km

(B) 0-10 km

(C) 50-100 km

(D) 100-200 km


38- What divides the earth into “Northern and Southern Hemispheres” ??

(A) the North Pole 

(B) Axis

(C) the South Pole

(D) the Equator


39- Red Blood Cell’s lifespan is ??

(A) 120 days

(B) 60 days

(C) two weeks

(D) 3 days


40- The chemical formula of OZONE is ??

(A) O

(B) O3

(C) O4

(D) O2

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