Optical Fiber MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber MCQ. Multiple Choice Questions on Optical Fiber in Electronics Engineering. This part 1 includes 10 Multiple Choice Questions on Optical Fiber.


Optical Fiber MCQ


For a photo-diode with a responsivity of 0.50 A/W & optical power of about 12μW, what would be the value of generated photocurrent ??

a. 3 μA
b. 6 μA
c. 9 μA
d. 12 μA


Which component of an optical receiver is a linear frequency shaping filter used for the compensation of signal distortion and Inter Symbol Interference (ISI) ??

a. Photodetector
b. Amplifier
c. Equalizer
d. None of the above


In digital receivers, which codes are used to designate the sampled analog signals after their quantization into discrete levels ??

a. Binary
b. Decimal
d. Excess-3


Which feature of an eye diagram assists in the measurement of additive noise in the signal ??

a. Eye-opening (height, peak to peak)
b. Eye overshoot/ undershoot
c. Eye width
d. None of the above


Which method determines the dispersion limitation of an optical link ??

a. Link power budget
b. Rise time budget
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


Optical Fiber MCQ


Which phenomenon causes the dynamic linewidth broadening under the direct modulation of injection current ??

a. Modal Noise
b. Mode-partition Noise
c. Frequency Chirping
d. Reflection Noise


The speckle pattern is generated due to interference of nodes from a coherent source especially when the coherence time of source is _________ the intermodal dispersion time in the fiber ??

a. Less than
b. Greater than
c. Equal to
d. None of the above


Which among the following is/are determined by the fiber characterization ??

a. Fiber integrity & performance for desired transmission rate
b. Installation practices
c. Service Implementation
d. All of the above


From the tests carried out in fiber characterization, which among the following measures the total light reflected back to the transmitter caused by the fiber as well as the components like connector pairs and mechanical splices ??

a. ORL
c. LTS
d. PMD


In fiber fault location, the equation of length (l) for time difference (t) is expressed as L = ct / 2n1 . Which factor in this equation implies that the light travels a length from source to breakpoint and then through another length on the return trip ??

a. L
b. c
c. t
d. 2


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