Optical Fiber MCQ Part 3: MCQs Electronics Engineering

Optical Fiber MCQ Part 3. This part includes 10 Multiple Choice Questions on the topic of Optical Fiber MCQ.


Optical Fiber MCQ Part 3


What is the typical value of the refractive index for ethyl alcohol ??

a. 1
b. 1.36
c. 2.6
d. 3.4


If light travels in a certain medium and it gets reflected off an optically denser medium with a high refractive index, then it is regarded as _______ ??

a. External Reflection
b. Internal Reflection
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


In an optical fiber, the concept of Numerical aperture is applicable in describing the ability of __________ ??

a. Light Collection
b. Light Scattering
c. Light Dispersion
d. Light Polarization


Which among the following do/does not support/s the soot formation process ??

d. All of the above

Which type of photonic crystal fiber exhibit/s its/their similarity to the periodic crystalline lattice in a semiconductor ??

a. Index guiding fiber
b. Photonic bandgap fiber
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


Optical Fiber MCQ Part 3


Which type of fiber optic cable has/have it’s/their core with the size of about 480 μm to 980 μm & made up of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) ??

a. Glass fiber optic cable
b. Plastic fiber optic cable
c. Plastic clad silica fiber optic cable
d. All of the above


In a multi-fiber cable system, which forms of outer jacket/s consist/s of polyolefin compounds and is regarded as halogen-free ??

d. All of the above


During the design of the FOC system, which among the following reasons is/are responsible for an extrinsic absorption ??

a. Atomic defects in the composition of glass
b. Impurity atoms in glass material
c. Basic constituent atoms of fiber material
d. All of the above


Which among the following represent/s the measure/s to minimize the inhomogeneities for Mie scattering reduction ??

a. Extrusion Control
b. Increase in relative R.I. difference
c. Removal of imperfections due to glass manufacturing process
d. All of the above


In Kerr effect, induced index change has its proportionality with respect to _________ ??

a. square of electric field
b. cube of electric field
c. cube root of electric field
d. one-fourth power of electric field


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