Opposite Words In English: Antonyms Words

Opposite Words In English. This section includes 25 Multiple Choice Questions on Opposite Words In English Language (Antonyms).


Opposite Words In English


Antonym of DEVIANT is ??

A. Bent
B. Devious
C. Regular
D. Atypical


Antonym of EXPAND is ??

A. Congest
B. Conclude
C. Convert
D. Condense


Antonym of DUCTILE is ??

A. Docile
B. Pliable
C. Stiff
D. Supple


Antonym of ARTIFICIAL is ??

A. Red
B. Solid
C. Truthful
D. Natural


Antonym of FRIVOLOUS is ??

A. Trivial
B. Silly
C. Petty
D. Wise


English MCQs


Antonym of ENORMOUS is ??

A. Fragile
B. Weak
C. Tiny
D. Soft


Antonym of WEAN is ??

A. Attach
B. Detach
C. Discourage
D. Halt


Antonym of RECONDITE is ??

A. Hermetic
B. Manifest
C. Pedantic
D. Occult


Antonym of PRODIGAL is ??

A. Spendthrift
B. Squandering
C. Thrifty
D. Wanton


Antonym of GUMPTION is ??

A. Apathy
B. Nerve
C. Initiative
D. Sagacity


Opposite Words In English


Antonym of NEBULOUS is ??

A. Misty
B. Apparent
C. Murky
D. Shadowy


Antonym of PIQUE is ??

A. Hurt
B. Irk
C. Joy
D. Huff


Antonym of MITE is ??

A. Bit
B. Bug
C. Insect
D. Whole


Antonym of SARTORIAL is ??

A. Homespun
B. Cheerful
C. Inelegant
D. Sincere


Antonym of TACIT is ??

A. Punish
B. Dictated
C. Grand
D. Small


Opposite Words In English


Antonym of DOCILE is ??

A. Pliable
B. Pliant
C. Quiet
D. Unyielding


Antonym of DOLEFUL is ??

A. Vivacious
B. Witty
C. Empty
D. Full


Antonym of DEXTEROUS is ??

A. Inexpert
B. Acute
C. Active
D. Able


Antonym of PARSIMONY is ??

A. Verbosity
B. Generosity
C. Clan
D. Tenderness


Antonym of CURTAIL is ??

A. Cramp
B. Prolong
C. Chop
D. Clip


Opposite Words In English


Antonym of INGEST is ??

A. Disgorge
B. Disrupt
C. Absorb
D. Devour


Antonym of LUCID is ??

A. Evident
B. Obvious
C. Explicit
D. Vague


Antonym of INORDINATE is ??

A. Dizzying
B. Wasteful
C. Wanton
D. Moderate


Antonym of SENILE is ??

A. Doting
B. Anile
C. Alert
D. Ancient


Antonym of GARBLED is ??

A. Slant
B. Unscramble
C. Obscure
D. Pervert




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