Opposite Words In English Part 2: English Antonyms

Opposite Words In English Part 2. This Opposite Words In English Part 2 contains 25 Multiple Choice Questions related to Antonyms (Opposite) words in English. See Part 1 Here


Opposite Words In English Part 2



Antonym of FALLACIOUS is ??

A. Credit
B. Clean
C. Truthful
D. Dishonest


Antonym of SCURRILOUS is ??

A. Abusive
B. Ribald
C. Decent
D. Mitigate


Antonym of “labor” is ??

A. amuse
B. surrender
C. rest
D. strive


Antonym of FOREMOST is ??

A. Unimportant
B. Hindmost
C. Disposed
D. Mature


What is the antonym of the word Restoration ??

A. Lexicon
B. Balm
C. Hoarding
D. Depredation


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Antonym of “Revenge” is ??

A. vengeance
B. retribution
C. pardon
D. payback
E. reprisal


Antonym of QUIESCENT is ??

A. Asleep
B. Active
C. Deactivated
D. Fallow


“Profligate” Antonym is ??

A. Wildly extravagant
B. Dissolute
C. Dissipated
D. Thrifty


Antonym of “spurious” is ??

A. flexible
B. thoughtless
C. provident
D. genuine


Antonym of PHILISTINE is ??

A. Smutty
B. Uncultured
C. Undescribable
D. Cultured


Opposite Words In English Part 2


Antonym of Facetious is ??

A. Teasing
B. Serious
C. Tongue-in-check
D. Copy


Antonym of “banal” is ??

A. sincere
B. wealthy
C. extraordinary
D. trustworthy


Antonym of NIGGARDLY is ??

A. Generous
B. Chintzy
C. Closefisted
D. Skimpy


Antonym of Harmonious is ??

A. Peaceful
B. Hostile
C. Dominant
D. Tuneful


Antonym of “kowtow” is ??

A. snub
B. pull
C. fawn
D. forage


Opposite Words In English Part 2


Antonym of Elastic is ??

A. Yielding
B. Rigid
C. Mold-able
D. Supple


Antonym of TACITURN is ??

A. Judge
B. Garrulous
C. Immense
D. Silent


The antonym of Mammoth is ??

A. Big
B. Giant
C. Small
D. Low


Antonym of SINGULAR is ??

A. Common
B. Social
C. Dull
D. Ancient


The antonym of Stale is ??

A. Old
B. Fresh
C. Tale
D. Break


Opposite Words In English Part 2


Antonym of PACIFIC is ??

A. Aggressive
B. Peaceful
C. Hawkish
D. Discordant


Antonym of DENIGRATE is ??

A. Asperse
B. Besmirch
C. Boost
D. Vilify


Antonym of DWARF is ??

A. Giant
B. Tiny
C. Huge
D. Enormous


Antonym of ELATED is ??

A. Roused
B. Blissful
C. Sad
D. Happy


Antonym of “famous” is ??

A. poor
B. obscure
C. untalented
D. boring


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