Operators In Python: MCQs Operators In Python Language

Operators In Python. This section includes 10 Multiple Choice Questions related to Operators in Python Programming Language. For Multiple Choice Questions on Core Data Types in Pythons see Core Data Type In Python MCQs

Operators In Python MCQs


Which one of the following has the highest precedence in the expression in Python ??

a) Exponential
b) Addition
c) Multiplication
d) Parentheses


The expression Int(x) implies that the variable x is converted to integer ??

a) True
b) False


Which one of the following has the same precedence level ??

a) Addition and Subtraction
b) Multiplication, Division, and Addition
c) Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction
d) Addition and Multiplication


What is the output of this expression, 3*1**3 ??

a) 27
b) 9
c) 3
d) 1


Operators with the same precedence are evaluated in which manner ??

a) Left to Right
b) Right to Left
c) Can’t say
d) None of the mentioned

Operators In Python MCQs


Mathematical operations can be performed on a string ??

a) True
b) False


What is the answer to this expression, 22 % 3 is ??

a) 7
b) 1
c) 0
d) 5


What is the order of precedence in python ??
i) Parentheses
ii) Exponential
iii) Multiplication
iv) Division
v) Addition
vi) Subtraction

a) i,ii,iii,iv,v,vi
b) ii,i,iii,iv,v,vi
c) ii,i,iv,iii,v,vi
d) i,ii,iii,iv,vi,v


Which one of these is floor division in Python ??

a) /
b) //
c) %
d) None of the mentioned


Which is the correct operator for power(xy) ??

a) X^y
b) X**y
c) X^^y
d) None of the mentioned


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