Microcontrollers Multiple Choice Questions: Electronics MCQ

Microcontrollers Multiple Choice Questions. This set includes 18 Multiple choice questions on Microcontrollers in Electronics Engineering.


Microcontrollers Multiple Choice Questions



How does the pin RC2/CCP1 get configured while initializing the CCP module in the compare mode of operation ??

a. As an input by writing it in TRISC register
b. As an output by writing it in TRISC register
c. As an input without the necessity of writing or specifying it in TRISC register
d. Compare mode does not support pin RC2/CCP1 configuration CCP initialization


What is the fundamental role exhibited by the CCP module in compare mode in addition to timer 1 ??

a. To vary the pin status in accordance with the precisely controlled time
b. To vary the duty cycle of the rectified output
c. To vary the oscillator frequencies in order to receive larger periods
d. To vary the status of synchronization levels


The capture operation in counter mode is feasible when the mode of CCP module is ??

a. synchronized
b. asynchronized
c. synchronized as well as asynchronized
d. irrespective of synchronization


Which register is suitable for the corresponding count, if the measurement of pulse width is less than 65,535 μs along with the frequency of 4 MHz ??

a. 4-bit register
b. 8-bit register
c. 16-bit register
d. 32-bit register


What happens when the program control enters the Interrupt Service Subroutine (ISS) due to enabling of CCP1IE bit in PIE1 especially during the initialization of CCP1 Module in capture mode ??

a. CCP1F bit gets cleared in PIR1 by detecting new capture event
b. GIE bit gets enabled
c. Contents of CCPR1L & CCPR1H are automatically copied in TMR1L & TMR1H respectively
d. Interrupt flag bit CCP1IF gets enabled in PIR


Microcontrollers MCQs



What among the below-specified functions is related to PWM mode ??

a. Generation of an interrupt
b. Generation of a rectangular wave with programmable duty cycle with a user-assigned frequency
c. Variations in the status of an output pin
d. Detection of an exact point at which the change occurs in an input edge


Which mode allows to deliver the contents of a 16-bit timer into an SFR on the basis of rising/falling edge detection ?? 

a. Capture Mode
b. Compare Mode
c. PWM Mode
d. MSSP Mode


Which of the below-mentioned aspect issues are supported by capture/compare/PWM modules corresponding to the time in PIC 16F877 ??

a. Control
b. Measurement
c. Generation of pulse signal
d. All of the above


The functionalities associated with the pins RA0- RA3 in ADCON1 are manipulated by ??

a. PCFG1 & PCG0
d. All of the above


What would be the value of the ADC clock source, if both the ADC clock bits are selected to be ‘1’ ??

a. FOSC/2
b. FOSC/8
c. FOSC/32
d. FRC


Microcontrollers Multiple Choice Questions


Which bit is mandatory to get initiated or set for executing the process of analog to digital conversion in ADCON0 ??

c. Go/!Done
d. ADSC1


Which channel would be selected if the values of channel bits CHS0 & CHS1 are ‘1’ & ‘0’ respectively in ADC Status Register ??

a. AIN0
b. AIN1
c. AIN2
d. AIN3


Which bits play a crucial role in specifying the details or reasons associated with the system wake-up in WDT ??

a. PD & TO
b. C & Z
c. DC & RPO
d. All of the above


Which command enables the PIC to enter into the power-down mode during the operation of the watchdog timer (WDT) ??

d. CLR


How much delay is required to synchronize the external clock at TOCKI in Timer ‘0’ of PIC 16C61 ??

a. 2-cycles
b. 4-cycles
c. 6-cycles
d. 8-cycles


Microcontrollers Multiple Choice Questions


How much time is required for conversion per channel if PIC 16C71 possesses four analog channels, each comprising of 8-bits ??

a. 10 μs
b. 15 μs
c. 20 μs
d. 30 μs


Where do the conversion interrupt flag (ADIF) end after an accomplishment of the analog-to-digital (ADC) conversion process ??

d. None of the above


What is the purpose of setting TOIE bit in INTCON along with GIE bit ??

a. For setting the TOIF flag in INTCON due to generation of Timer 0 overflow interrupt
b. For setting the TOIE flag in INTCON due to generation of Timer 0 overflow interrupt
c. For setting the RBIF flag in INTCON due to generation of PORTB change interrupt
d. None of the above


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