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Microcontroller And Applications MCQ. This set contains 24+ MCQs on the topic of Microcontroller And Applications in Electronics Engineering.

Microcontroller And Applications MCQ


Which component is replaced by an in-circuit emulator on the development board for testing purpose ??

a. RAM
b. I/O Ports
c. Micro-controller IC
d. All of the above


EPROM Programming versions are of greater significance to designers for ??

a. Debugging of hardware prototype
b. Debugging of software prototype
c. Loading the programs in microcontrollers
d. All of the above


How many samples can be displayed before and after the trigger respectively if the trigger-pulse is delayed by center-trigger mode to display 1024 bit counts ??

a. 512 & 512 samples respectively
b. 512 & 1024 samples respectively
c. 1024 & 512 samples respectively
d. 1024 & 1024 samples respectively


Which keys are encoded for scan lines with ‘1101’ value (RB1 low) condition ??

a. 0, 4, 8, C
b. 1, 5, 9, D
c. 2, 6, A, E
d. 3, 7, B, F


Which mandatory contents can be visualized by the hexadecimal display format of a logic analyzer ??

a. Data Bus
b. Address Bus
c. Both a & b
d. None of the above

Microcontroller And Applications MCQ


Which lines are driven low under the software control during interfacing HEX keyboard with PIC 16F877 ??

a. Scan Lines
b. Return Lines
c. Both a & b
d. None of the above


Which type of triggering allow the trigger qualifier circuit to compare the input data word with the word programmed by the user in logic analyzer ??

a. Triggering from external input
b. Programmable Triggering
c. Both a & b
d. None of the above


What is the purpose of using Schmitt Trigger in the hardware circuit for key debouncing ??

a. Noise Elimination
b. Improvement in Noise Immunity
c. Increase in Noise Figure
d. Reduction in Noise Temperature


What is/are the possible way/s of displaying the data by logic analyzer ??

a. Logic state format
b. Hexadecimal & Map format
c. Timing diagram format
d. All of the above


Which is the an alternative mechanism of preventing the software to be dependent on several delay factors along with an optimum time proficiency of checking LCD status at the interfacing level ??

a. Polling of DB7 bit of the data bus
b. Updating the faster display in less time
c. Generalization of clock frequency and display module
d. All of the above

Microcontroller And Applications MCQ


Which operations are not feasible to perform by simulator programs in accordance with real-time programming ??

a. Memory Operations
b. I/O Operations
c. Register Operations
d. Debugging Operations


It is feasible for an in-circuit emulator to terminate at the middle of the program execution so as to examine the contents of ??

a. memory
b. registers
c. Both a & b
d. None of the above


It is a characteristic provision of some debuggers to stop the execution after each instruction because ??

a. it facilitates to analyze or vary the contents of memory and register
b. it facilitates to move the break point to a later point
c. it facilitates to rerun the program
d. it facilitates to load the object code program to system memory


Which development tool can facilitate the creation and modification of source programs in addition to assembly and higher-level languages ??

a. Editor
b. Assembler
c. Debugger
d. High-level language Compiler


What are the major form of functionalities associated to high-level language compilers ??

a. Generation of an application program
b. Conversion of generated code from higher level language to machine-level language
c. Both a & b
d. None of the above

Microcontroller And Applications MCQ


What kind of address/es is /are usually assigned to program by the linker adopted in an execution of assembler ??

a. Absolute Address
b. Relative Address starting from unity
c. Relative Addresss starting from zero
d. None of the above


Which kind of assembler do not generate the programs in similar language as that used by micro-controllers by developing the program in high-level languages making them as machine independent ??

a. Macro Assembler
b. Cross Assembler
c. Meta Assembler
d. All of the above


The assembler list file generated by an assembler mainly includes ??

a. binary codes
b. assembly language statements
c. offset for each instruction
d. All of the above


Which development tool/program has the potential to allocate the specific addresses so as to load the object code into memory ??

a. Loader
b. Locator
c. Library
d. Linker


What is the maximum speed of operating frequency exhibited by SPI as compared to that of TWI ??

a. Less than 10 MHz
b. Greater than 10 MHz
c. Equal to 10 MHz
d. None of the above

Microcontroller And Applications MCQ


Which characteristic/s of two-wire interface (TWI) make it equally valuable in comparison to serial-peripheral interface (SPI) ??

a. Less number of pins on IC packages than SPI
b. It possesses formal standard unlike SPI
c. Slave Addressing before communication & better hardware control
d. All of the above


Which among the below stated salient feature/s of SPI contribute to the wide range of its applicability ??

a. Simple hardware interfacing
b. Full duplex communication
c. Low power requirement
d. All of the above


Which processor has the necessity of manual optimization for the generation of assembly language code especially for the embedded systems ??

c. Both a & b
d. None of the above


Which potential mode of operation indicate the frequent sending of byte to the slave corresponding to the reception of an acknowledge signal when it becomes desirable for the master to write to the slave during data transmission in I2C bus ??

a. Master in master-transmit mode & Slave in slave-receive mode
b. Slave in slave-transmit mode & Master in master-receive mode
c. Master in master-transmit mode as well as master-receive mode
d. Slave in slave-transmit mode as well as a slave-receive mode


What is the directional nature of two active wires SDA & SCL usually adopted in I2C Bus for carrying the information between the devices ??

a. Uni-directional
b. Bi-directional
c. Multi-directional
d. None of the above


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