MCQs Telecommunication Switching: Engineering MCQs

MCQs Telecommunication Switching. Multiple Choice Questions on Telecommunication and Switching related to Electronics Engineering.


MCQs Telecommunication Switching



What is an acceptable value of dividing point between the wander and jitter ??

a. 10 Hz
b. 20 Hz
c. 50 Hz
d. 200 Hz


Which shape of switches are not adopted normally due to the non-usability of both way trunks ??

a. Circular
b. Triangular
c. Hexagonal
d. Square


After the application of line frequency in Phase-Locked Loop (PLL), at which stage do/ does the VCO frequency start to exhibit variation ??

a. Free running
b. Capture
c. Phase Lock
d. All of the above


Electronics MCQs


Which among the following provides TRG access to outgoing junctions through the two-stage network ??

a. Expander
b. Distributor
c. Concentrator
d. Router


Which among the following controls the dynamic characteristics of Phase Locked Loop (PLL) ??

a. Low Pass Filter
b. High Pass Filter
c. Band Pass Filter
d. Band Stop Filter


By which name/s is the Grade of Service (GOS) well-known ??

a. Call congestion
b. Time congestion
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


MCQs Telecommunication Switching


For the two-group grading consisting of 14 trunks, availability = 5, Ak = 1.4E, and the required grade of service of about 0.01, what would be its traffic capacity ??

a. 4.98 E
b. 6.72 E
c. 8.3 E
d. 10 E


The percentage of occupancy can be defined as the percentage of _____ for which the server seems to be busy ??

a. speed
b. distance
c. time
d. volume


Which form/s of grading design has/have the tendency to share every trunk between an equal number of groups ??

a. Homogeneous Grading
b. Heterogeneous Grading
c. Skipped Grading
d. All of the above



How is the relation between Erlang and CCS specified ??

a. 1 Erlang = 36 CCS
b. 1 Erlang = 56 CCS
c. 1 Erlang = 76 CCS
d. 1 Erlang = 96 CCS


In graded groups, switches with inaccessibility to the outgoing route get ____ into the number of separate groups ??

a. added
b. subtracted
c. multiplied
d. divided


If a telephone exchange serves 1500 users with an average BHCA of about 9000 and CCR is about 50%, what would be the busy hour calling rate ??

a. 2
b. 3
c. 4.5
d. 5


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