MCQs Integrated Circuits: IC Questions & Answers

MCQs Integrated Circuits. Integrated Circuits ICs Multiple Choice Q & A. Electronics Engineering MCQs on Integrated Circuits.


MCQs Integrated Circuits



In ADC 0809 acting as a CMOS device, how many analog inputs & channel multiplexers are present ??

a. 2
b. 4
c. 8
d. 16


In ADCs, it is possible to reduce the quantization error by _______ the number of bits ??

a. Increasing
b. Decreasing
c. Maintaining consistency in
d. All of the above


In the dual-slope type of ADCs, an input hold time is _______ ??

a. Almost zero
b. Higher than that of flash type ADCs
c. Longest
d. All of the above


Which among the following types of ADCs require/s the shortest conversion time ??

a. Flash-type
b. Successive Approximation
c. Dual Slope
d. All of the above





In DACs, the gain error occurs due to ??

a. offset voltages of op-amps
b. leakage current in the switches
c. error in feedback resistor value
d. error in current source resistance values


Among which of the following factors do/does the operation of sample and hold mode depend/s on ??

a. Input
b. Output
c. Position of switch
d. All of the above


In a peak detector circuit, which component holds the peak value till a higher peak value is detected ??

a. Diode
b. Inductor
c. Capacitor
d. MOSFET switch


In hysteresis width, the hysteresis voltage is equal to _______ upper & lower threshold voltages (VUT & VLT) ??

a. sum of
b. difference between
c. product of
d. division of


MCQs Integrated Circuits


In an inverting Schmitt Trigger circuit, the hysteresis ________ is also known as ‘hysteresis width’ ??

a. voltage
b. current
c. resistance
d. power


Which among the following circuits is also regarded/known as ‘ Threshold Detector ‘ ??

a. Window detector
b. Overvoltage indicator
c. Level detector
d. Zero crossing detector


Due to the presence of a capacitor in the feedback path, the output of an integrator varies ??

a. Gradually
b. Instantaneously
c. Intermittently
d. All of the above


In a buffer circuit, the voltage follower is placed _______ two networks in order to minimize the effect of loading on the first network ??

a. Before
b. Between
c. After
d. None of the above


MCQs Integrated Circuits


As the frequency increases, the input impedance of differentiator ??

a. Increases
b. Decreases
c. Remains constant
d. None of the above


In absence of any applied AC input signal, what would be the gain of an ideal integrator ??

a. Zero
b. Unity
c. Infinity
d. Unpredictable


In an inverting ideal integrator, which component exhibits the feedback path connection ??

a. Resistor
b. Inductor
c. Capacitor
d. Diode


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