MCQ On Synonyms: English Language Synonym MCQs

MCQ On Synonyms. English Language Synonym MCQs with correct answers.

MCQ On Synonyms


Undergo synonym ??

A. Lambast
B. Thieve
C. Lay to rest
D. Experience
E. Proclaim


Prevalence synonym ??

A. Felony
B. Transgression
C. Sabotage
D. Commonness
E. Flouting


Brutal synonym ??

A. Mixed together
B. Noisy
C. Relating to teeth
D. Cruel


Manoeuvre synonym ??

A. Stultify
B. Intrigue
C. Stupefy
D. Fatigue

English Synonyms


Ruse synonym ??

A. Affinity
B. Ploy
C. Bribe
D. Goosebump


Pledge synonym ??

A. Outclass
B. Vow
C. Plunder
D. Compensate
E. Atone


Tyrant Synonym ??

A. Suspicious
B. Persecuter
C. Victim
D. Sagacious
E. Chatter box


Slap synonym ??

A. Drop of water
B. Hit
C. Vegetable
D. Journey

MCQ On Synonyms


Moratorium synonym ??

A. Austerity
B. Embargo
C. Leniency
D. Sereness
E. Celibacy


PEEL synonym ??

A. Dance
B. Surprise
C. Pull Off
D. Look at


Persecutor synonym ??

A. Oppressor
B. Hasty
C. Patient
D. Tycoon
E. Jubilant


Handful synonym ??

A. Busy person
B. Bad Event
C. Body part
D. Small number

MCQ On Synonyms


Accost synonym ??

A. Solicit
B. Confront
C. Both a & b
D. Scorn


Abject synonym ??

A. Disgusting
B. Squalid
C. Contemptible
D. All of these


Obscene synonym ??

A. Dirty
B. indecent
C. unhealthy
D. Both A & B


Abate synonym ??

A. Diminish
B. Halt
C. Decline
D. All of above

MCQ On Synonyms


Boulevard Synonym ??

A. Vortex
B. Turbulence
C. Avenue
D. Whirlpool
E. Turmoil


Lambast synonym ??

A. Entomb
B. Reprimand
C. Cease
D. Forbear
E. Adore


Raze synonym ??

A. Level
B. Defect
C. Pluck
D. Taunt
E. Fire


Acerbity synonym ??

A. Tartness
B. Astringency
C. Sourness
D. All of these


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