MCQ On Optical Fiber: Multiple Choice Q & A

MCQ On Optical Fiber. Part 4 contains 10 Multiple Choice Questions on Optical Fibre in Electronics Engineering.


MCQ On Optical Fiber


In an optical fiber communication system, which among the following is not a typical transmitter function ??

a. Coding for error protection
b. Decoding of input data
c. Electrical to optical conversion
d. Recoding to match output standard


Which among the following is provided by an optical receiver for the regeneration of data signal with minimum error ??

a. Photo-diode
b. Signal Processing Circuits
c. Linear Circuitry
d. None of the above


For a sine wave, the frequency is represented by the cycles per ______ ??

a. Second
b. Minute
c. Hour
d. None of the above




Which property/ies of PCM stream determine/s the fidelity to the original analog signal ??

a. Sampling rate
b. Bit depth
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


In single-mode fibers, how does the fraction of energy traveling through bound mode appear in the cladding ??

a. As a crescent wave
b. As a gibbous wave
c. As an evanescent wave
d. All of the above


Which among the following controls the length of the Fabry-Perot interferometer so that it can act as a tunable optical filter ??

a. Transducer
b. Tachometer
c. Multimeter
d. Phase-meter


In circulator, an optical path of signal follows _______ ??

a. An open-loop
b. A closed-loop
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


MCQ On Optical Fiber


Which among the following is/are responsible for generating attenuation of optical power in fiber ??

a. Absorption
b. Scattering
c. Waveguide effect
d. All of the above


Consider the assertions/ characteristics given below. Which type of attenuation measurement technique exhibits these characteristics ??

1. Necessity of accessing both ends of the fiber.
2. Measurements corresponding to specific wavelengths.
3. Requirement of spectral response over a range of wavelengths.

a. Cutback Technique
b. Insertion Loss Technique
c. Use of OTDR Technique
d. None of the above


For neglecting the pulse dispersion in the digital systems, the RMS width of fiber impulse response must be _________ one-quarter of the pulse spacing ??

a. Less than
b. Equal to
c. Greater than
d. None of the above


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