MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 6: Questions & Answers

MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 6. Electronics Engineering 15+ Multiple Choice Questions related to Optical Fibers.


MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 6


If a noisy channel has a bandwidth of 4 MHz with signal to noise ratio of about 1, what would be the maximum capacity of the channel ??

a. 2 Mb/sec
b. 4 Mb/sec
c. 6 Mb/sec
d. 8 Mb/sec


In the structure of fiber optic cable, the refractive index of the core is always _______the refractive index of cladding ??

a. Less than
b. Equal to
c. Greater than
d. None of the above


The order of mode is equal to the number of field ____ across the guide ??

a. Zeros
b. Poles
c. Ones
d. All of the above


Which among the following represents the lateral shift of a light beam on reflection at a dielectric interface ??

a. Doppler’s Shift
b. Goos-Haenchen’s Shift
c. Frequency Shift
d. Phase Shift


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Why are plastic-clad silica fiber optic cables not used widely ??

a. Difficulty in connector application due to excessive plasticity in cladding
b. Difficulty in bonding
c. Insolubility in organic solvents
d. All of the above


In cables, water is prevented from filling the spaces with __________ resistant compounds ??

a. moisture
b. pressure
c. temperature
d. stress


Which reason/s is/are responsible for the occurrence of non-linear Cross Phase Modulation (XPM) ??

a. Difference in transmission phase of peak pulse & leading or trailing edges of pulse
b. Third-order optical non-linearity
c. Intensity dependence of refractive index
d. All of the above


What is/ are the consequence/s of Self Phase Modulation in non-linear optics ??

a. Modification in pulse spectrum
b. Limited transmission rate
c. Dispersion effect
d. All of the above


MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 6


Which type of fiber-optic coupler causes the distribution of optical power from more than two input ports among the several output ports ??

a. Star Coupler
b. Tree Coupler
c. X Coupler
d. All of the above


Which optical devices are adopted or applicable for routing signals from one waveguide to another ??

a. Optical Combiner
b. Optical Splitter
c. Optical Coupler
d. None of the above


Which among the following characteristics of Laser light specifies the precise movement of all individual light waves together through time and space ??

a. Monochromatic
b. Directional
c. Coherent
d. Brightness


Which modes are acknowledged due to their association with electromagnetic field and beam profile in the direction perpendicular to the plane of pn junction ??

a. Longitudinal Modes
b. Transverse Modes
c. Lateral Modes
d. All of the above


MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 6


Which type of injection laser involves the use of geometry for the fabrication of the multimode injection laser with a single or small number of lateral modes ??

a. Gain guided laser
b. Index guided laser
c. Quantum well laser
d. Quantum dot laser


In the dynamic response of Injection Laser Diode (ILD), the delay which is followed by ____ frequency damped oscillations gives rise to the generation of relaxation oscillations ??

a. Low
b. Medium
c. High
d. All of the above


The spectral response of an ideal photodetector depicts its efficiency as a function of _________ ??

a. amplitude
b. frequency
c. period
d. wavelength


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