MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 5: Questions & Answers

MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 5. This section includes 15 Multiple Choice Questions on Optical Fibers.


MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 5


According to the frequency response of the photo-detector, the modulation frequency at which the output current decreases to ________ of the peak value ??

a. one-third
b. one-fourth
c. half
d. one-tenth


Which photodiodes are crucially applicable to overcome the bandwidth-quantum efficiency trade-off along with its resemblance to the pyramid structure ??

a. Mushroom Waveguide Photodiode
b. Traveling Wave Photodiode
c. Resonant Cavity Photodiode
d. All of the above


When an optical signal is an incident on a photo-detector, which noise originate/s due to the statistical nature of production and collection of photoelectrons ??

a. Dark Current Noise
b. Quantum Noise
c. Surface Leakage Current noise
d. All of the above


In an eye diagram, digital signals with very bad interference resemble the shape of _____ ??

a. circle
b. rectangle
c. triangle
d. straight line




On which factor/s do/does the response time of photodiode depend/s ??

a. Diffusion time of photo carriers outside the depletion region
b. The diffusion time of photo carriers within the depletion region
c. RC time constant
d. All of the above


Which nature of charge carriers give rise to the current fluctuations thereby resulting in the generation of shot noise ??

a. Continuous
b. Discrete
c. Sampled
d. All of the above


Which among the following parameters is/are decided by the front-end of a receiver ??

a. Sensitivity
b. Bandwidth
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


In an optical network, increase in the number of lasers ________ the bit rate ??

a. Increases
b. Stabilizes
c. Decreases
d. None of the above


MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 5

Which band/s specify/ies the operation range of Erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) ??

a. By O band
b. By C band
c. By S band
d. All of the above


Basically, solitons are pulses which propagate through the fiber without showing any variation in ______ ??

a. Amplitude
b. Velocity
c. Shape
d. All of the above


Why is electrical isolation required between several portions of an electronic circuit ??

a. Provision of high voltage protection
b. Reduction in noise level
c. Both a & b
d. None of the above


For measuring the shape of input pulse in the time-domain intermodal dispersion method, the test fiber is replaced by another fiber whose length is less than ___ of the test fiber ??

a. 1%
b. 5%
c. 10%
d. 20%


MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 5

In chromatic dispersion, which parameter for the modulation of the received signal is measured with the help of a vector voltmeter ??

a. Amplitude
b. Frequency
c. Phase
d. Period


Which among the following stages is/are adopted in Splice Loss Experiment ??

a. Translational
b. Rotational
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


Which among the following misalignments give/gives rise to the occurrence of splice loss ??

a. Longitudinal separation between the end-faces of fiber
b. Angular tilt between fiber ends
c. Transverse offset between fiber ends
d. All of the above


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