MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 3: Optical Fiber Q & A

MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 3. This section includes 10 Multiple Choice Questions on Optical Fiber related to Electronics Engineering.


MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 3


Consider the assertions given below. Which is the correct sequential order of process adopted in glass fiber preparation ??

A. Drawing of fiber
B. Production of pure glass
C. Pulling of fiber
D. Conversion of pure glass into a preform

a. B, D, A, C
b. A, B, C, D
c. C, A, D, B
d. D, B, A, C


At which level of temperature does the oxidation process occur in MCVD ??

a. Low
b. Moderate
c. High
d. Unpredictable


Assuming no ISI, the maximum possible bandwidth of a multimode graded-index fiber with 5 MHz, shows the total pulse broadening of 0.1s for the distance of about 12km. What would be the value of bandwidth length product ??

a. 40 MHz
b. 60 MHz
c. 90 MHz
d. 120 MHz


In Rayleigh scattering of light in the glass, at which type of temperature does the glass attain the state of thermal equilibrium and exhibit its relativity to annealing temperature ??

a. Junction
b. Fictive
c. Breakdown
d. Decomposition


Which type of scattering occurs due to the interaction of light in a medium with time-dependent optical density variations thereby resulting in the change of energy (frequency) & path ??

a. Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS)
b. Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS)
c. Mie Scattering
d. Rayleigh Scattering


MCQ On Optical Fiber Part 3

The macroscopic bending losses show an exponential increase due to ________ in a radius of curvature ??

a. Increase
b. Decrease
c. Stability
d. None of the above


Which type of mechanical splicing exhibits the permanent bonding of prepared fiber ends with the rigid alignment of the tube ??

a. Snug Tube Splicing
b. Loose Tube Splicing
c. Elastomeric Splicing
d. Precision Pin Splicing


Which component of the fiber-optic connector has a provision of entry for the fiber along with the fixation to connector housing ??

a. Ferrule
b. Cable
c. Connector Housing
d. Coupling Device


Which among the following is regarded as a keyed bayonet connector along with its feasibility of easiest insertion and removal from the fiber optic cable ??

a. FC Connectors
b. LC Connectors
c. MT-RJ Connectors
d. ST Connectors


How many mating cycles are being rated by typically matched SC Connectors ??

a. 500
b. 600
c. 800
d. 1000


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