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MCQ History Of C Language | Multiple-Choice Questions

MCQ History Of C Language. Multiple-Choice Questions with Answers on History and Basics of C language. 


MCQ History Of C Language


Who invented C Language ??

A) Charles Babbage
B) Grahambel
C) Dennis Ritchie
D) Steve Jobs


Choose correct answer ??

/* Multi Line Comment
This line is ignored by compiler
printf(“Hello C World”);

A) #include is a Preprocessor Directive
B) <stdio.h> is a header file with predefined functions like printf, scanf etc
C) #include

is a mandatory function to be included in every C Program

D) All the above


C Language is a successor to which language ??

B) D Language
D) B Language


The correct way of commenting on a single line is ??

A) /*printf(“Hello”);
printf(“Hello World”);
B) //printf(“Hello World”);
C) /*printf(“Hello C..”);
printf(“Whats up?”);*/
D) /printf(“Hello C..”);/


Choose a correct statement ??
A) C Compiler converts your C program into machine-readable language
B) C Editor allows you to type C Programs, it is just like a Notepad with extra options
C) Console shows the output of a C Program if it is text output
D) All the above


C is a which level language ??

A) Low Level
B) High Level
C) Low + High
D) None


Single Line Comment // is also called ??
A) C++ Style Comment
B) Java Style Comment
C) PHP Style Comment
D) All the above


Low-level language is ??

A) Human-readable like language
B) language with big program size
C) language with a small program size
D) Difficult to understand and readability is questionable


What is an Identifier in C Language ??

A) Name of a Function or Variable
B) Name of a Macros
C) Name of Structure or Union
D) All the above


A high-level language is a ??

A) Human-readable like language
B) language with a small program size
C) language with big program size
D) language which is difficult to understand and not human-readable


C History


An Identifier may contain ??

A) Letters a-z, A-Z in the Basic character set
Unicode alphabet characters other languages
B) Underscore _ symbol
C) Numbers 0 to 9
Unicode Numbers in other languages
D) All the above


Each statement in a C program should end with ??

A) Semicolon ;
B) Colon :
C) Period . (dot symbol)
D) None of the above


Which program will give the output “Hello World..” ??
A) main()
scanf(“Hello World..”);

B) main()
printf(“Hello World..”);

C) main()
print(“Hello World..”);

D) main()
scan(“Hello World..”);


What is the number of characters used to distinguish Identifier or Names of Functions and Global variables ??

A) 31
B) 32
C) 33
D) 28


C is which type of programming language ??

A) Object-Oriented
B) Procedural
C) Bit-level language
D) Functional


What is the length of an Identifier that is unique for Non-Global Variables and Non Function Names ??

A) 32
B) 63
C) 64
D) 68


What is the present C Language Standard ??

A) C99 ISO/IEC 9899:1999
B) C11 ISO/IEC 9899:2011
C) C05 ISO/IEC 9899:2005
D) C10 ISO/IEC 9899:2010


The number of Keywords present in C Language is ??
A) 32
B) 34
C) 62
D) 64


An Identifier can start with ??
A) Alphabet
B) Underscore ( _ ) sign
C) Any character that can be typed on a keyboard
D) Option A & Option B


What are the new features of the C11 or ISO IEC 9899 2011 standard ??

A) Type generic Macros, Static Assertions
B) Multi-Threading, Anonymous Unions, quick_exit
C) Bounds Checking Interfaces, Anonymous Structures
D) All


MCQ History Of C Language

C Programs are used in ??
A) Any Electronic device which works on some logic and Operating System
B) Washing machine
C) Fridge, Microwave Ovens
D) All the above


C language was invented in which laboratories ??

A) Uniliver Labs
B) IBM Labs
C) AT&T Bell Labs
D) Verizon Labs


What are the types of Constants in C Language ??
A) Primary Constants
B) Secondary Constants
C) Basic Constants and Advanced Constants
D) Primary Constants and Secondary Constants


BCPL Language is also called ??

A) C Language
B) B Language
C) D Language
D) None


Choose the correct statement ??
A) A constant value does not change. A variable value can change according to needs
B) A constant can change its values. A variable can have one constant value only
C) There is no restriction on the number of values for constants or variables
D) Constants and Variables can not be used in a single main function


C language was invented to develop which Operating System ??

A) Android
B) Linux
C) Ubuntu
D) Unix


Choose the right statement ??

A) int myname = 50;
int my_name = 50;
B) int myname = 50;
int my,name = 50;
C) int myname = 50;
int my name = 50;
D) All are right


Find an integer constant ??
A) 3.145
B) 34
C) “125”
D) None of the above


C language was invented in the year ??

A) 1999
B) 1978
C) 1972
D) 1990


Find a Floating Point constant ??
A) 12.3E5
B) 12e34
C) 125.34857
D) All the above



MCQ History Of C Language


C language is used in the development of ??

A) Databases
B) Graphics applications
C) Word Processors
D) All of the above


Find a Character constant ??

A)’A’ ‘a’
B) ‘1’ ‘9’
C) ‘$”#’
D) All the above


A “C program” is a combination of ??

A) Statements
B) Functions
C) Variables
D) All of the above


A Variable of a particular type can hold only a constant of the same type. Choose the right answer ??

C) It depends on the place the variable is declared
D) None of the above


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