Key Differences Between JavaScript And Python

Key Differences Between JavaScript And Python

In the world of tech and programming both JavaScript and Python languages are becoming popular day by day. To start a programming career its sometimes difficult to choose a startup language. Some developers prefer JavaScript for the starters and some prefer Python. Both JavaScript and Python are object-oriented languages. In this article we will compare both programming languages and talk about some key differences between JavaScript and Python.


Before moving along, let’s get a better understanding of the terminology behind the words.


Key Differences Between JavaScript And Python
Key Differences Between JavaScript And Python



It’s an object-oriented scripting language. It is used to create dynamic web pages and website content. The main purpose of scripting languages is to deal with programs (websites/applications) to perform an action. So that the user on the other hand doesn’t need to perform that particular action.

JavaScript helps in adding text, date, regular expressions in standard web applications. Initially, JavaScript only offered front-end development. But now developers use it for back-end development too. With the help of Node.js, JavaScript is used to develop desktop applications as well.

JavaScript is flexible and good enough for a beginner to start developing a website. One thing to remember here is that JavaScript is not same as the Java language. Both languages are completely different.



In easy words we can say that Python is a high level object-oriented language. Python is used to develop softwares but developers also use it for scripting purposes like JavaScript.

Python sounds similar to JavaScript. It’s not actually a scripting language but one can use it to script functions.

Scripting with Python is more like “server side scripting” rather than “client side”. Python uses its own frameworks and libraries that makes it easier to code.


Lets compare both languages and analyze the key differences between JavaScript and Python.


Key Differences Between JavaScript And Python:


Code Blocks

To define the blocks of code JavaScript uses curly brackets. Same we see in Java or Kotlin for defining blocks. On the other hand, to define a code block Python uses indentation.



JavaScript uses “;”  as a statement terminator. That means a single line of code has completed. Whereas, a new line in Python means the previous statement has ended.


DataTypes (Arrays, Lists, Tuples)

JavaScript has arrays as an inbuilt data type. Python does not have arrays as a data type. To achieve this in Python “lists“ are a good option indeed. The “lists“ in the Pythons are similar to “tuples“. “Tuples” is another data type available in Python.


Hash Tables

JavaScript does not have any inbuilt hash table support. On the other hand Python offers hash tables. Hash tables in Python have different names like sets or dictionaries.


Implicit Conversion

JavaScript is a weakly-typed programming language and it supports Implicit data type conversions. While Python is a strongly-typed programming language that means no implicit data type conversion takes place.


Key Differences Between JavaScript And Python
Key Differences Between JavaScript And Python


Mutable and Immutable Types

JavaScript does not have any concept of mutability. Python has its data types divided into mutable and immutable data types. The objects or variables that can change their values after they are assigned are Mutable types. Similarly the objects that can’t change their values after they are assigned are Immutable data types. Set in Python is a mutable data type. List is an example of Immutable data type.


Numeric Values ( A key difference between both languages )

JavaScript only features floating-point variables as numeric values. Python offers different floating point variables such as float, fixed-point decimal and int.



Both JavaScript and Python are object-oriented languages thus both languages have support for inheritance. But there is a small difference in inheritance of both languages. JavaScript can inherit from instances but Python cannot. Python uses a class-based inheritance Model whereas JavaScript uses prototype-based inheritance model.


Scope And Use

Both JavaScript and Python have their own uses and scope. To build native applications and websites JavaScript is best. For machine-learning, math operations or data analytics Python is the best choice.


Mobile Applications

Python is not an ideal choice to develop mobile applications. On the other hand JavaScript can be a good option for mobile applications development.



  • Both languages have lots of things to offer. It depends on the developer which one to pick according to his/her use case.
  • Both Python and JavaScript has a big market and several job opportunities are present.
  • Python is easy to learn for a beginner than JavaScript.
  • One of the best thing is almost anything you achieve in Python you can also do it with JavaScript.


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