Javascript Multiple Choice Questions

Javascript Multiple Choice Questions: Javascript MCQ

Online Javascript MCQs from beginner and advanced levels. This section focuses on Javascript Multiple Choice Questions. It has easy and difficult MCQs related to Javascript. With these multiple-choice questions, one can enhance their information about Javascript. Learn basics of Javascript here 


Javascript MCQs | Javascript Multiple Choice Questions


1- Javascript is a ______ language?

(A) High Level

(B) Low Level

(C) Object-Oriented

(D) Object-Based


2- What are “var” and “function” in Javascript?

(A) Declaration statements

(B) Loop statements

(C) Variables

(D) keywords


3- The keyword used to refer to an object through which it invoked is?

(A) float

(B) this

(C) to 

(D) from


4- Among these which one is a conditional statement?

(A) immediate if

(B) switch statement

(C) Alternative to if-else

(D) control statement


5- What does an interpreter do when it encounters an empty statement?

(A) throws error

(B) shows warning

(C) ignores that statement

(D) None of the above


6- Which one is not a data type in Javascript?

(A) var

(B) boolean

(C) undefined

(D) float


7- Javascript was developed by?

(A) Oracle corporation

(B) Jetbrains

(C) Netscape

(D) Google


8- What do we use to comment in JS?

(A) //

(B) //* *//

(C) \\

(D) \* */


9- Among these which variable type is volatile?

(A) Static variable

(B) Mutable variable

(C) Dynamic variable

(D) Immutable variable


10- Is exception handling available in Javascript?

(A) Yes, using try, catch, and throw keywords

(B) No

(C) Yes, but only with try block

(D) Yes, but only with try and catch blocks.


ANSWERS: Javascript MCQs

1- (D) Object-Based
2- (A) Declaration statements
3- (B) this
4- (A) immediate if
5- (C) ignores that statement
6- (D) float
7- (C) Netscape
8- (A) //
9- (B) Mutable variable
10- (A) Yes, using try, catch, and throw keywords


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