Integrated Circuits Questions: Q&A Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits Questions. Multiple Choice Questions And Answers on Integrated Circuits in Electronics Engineering.


Integrated Circuits Questions



For reducing the effects of input offset in the comparator, what would be the possible value of input offset voltage ??

a. Low
b. Moderate
c. High
d. None of the above


Zero crossing detector circuit plays a crucial role in the conversion of an input sine wave into a perfect _________ at its output ??

a. triangular wave
b. square wave
c. saw-tooth wave
d. pulse wave


For an ideal comparator, what should be the value of the response time ??

a. Zero
b. Unity
c. Infinite
d. Unpredictable


Basically, response time is defined as the time acquired by the comparator to accomplish ______ of its transition corresponding to the voltage step at the input ??

a. 20%
b. 50%
c. 70%
d. 100%


Which parameter/s is/are used to indicate the speed of a comparator ??

a. Response Time
b. Propagation Delay
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


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For a temperature controller circuit comprising an instrumentation amplifier, which among the following is adopted as a temperature sensor ??

a. Thermistor
b. Sensistor
c. Thyristor
d. Thermocouple


Which among the following is/are the requirement/s of an instrumentation amplifier ??

a. High slew rate
b. High input resistance
c. High CMRR
d. All of the above


For non-inverting adder, which theorem is applicable to determine the expression for output voltage ??

a. Thevenin’s
b. Norton’s
c. Miller’s
d. Superposition


What is the feedback factor of the voltage follower circuit ??

a. Zero
b. Unity
c. Infinity
d. Between zero & one


Which among the following is a nonlinear application of op-amp ??

a. V to I converter
b. Comparator
c. Precision rectifier
d. Instrumentation amplifier


Integrated Circuits Questions



In op-amps, which type of noise occurs due to the discrete flow of current in the device ??

a. Shot noise
b. Burst noise
c. Thermal noise
d. Flicker noise


How many stages are involved in bipolar op-amp ??

a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 6


Which op-amp technology/ies exhibit/s low current sourcing/ sinking capacity ??

a. Bipolar op-amp
b. CMOS op-amp
c. BICMOS op-amp
d. All of the above


Which among the following belong to the category of bipolar technology ??

C. P-N junction isolation
D. Di-electric isolation

a. A & B
b. B & C
c. C & D
d. A & D


Unipolar belongs to ________ technology/ies of integrated circuits ??

a. Hybrid
b. Monolithic
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


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