Integrated Circuits Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

Integrated Circuits Multiple Choice Questions. A set of 15 Multiple Choice Q & A related to Integrated Circuits in Electronics Engineering.


Integrated Circuits Multiple Choice Questions



Input offset current is basically defined as the algebraic ______ the base current of two transistors ??

a. sum of
b. difference between
c. product of
d. division of


In a differential amplifier, the configuration is said to be an ‘unbalanced output’, if ________ ??

a. Output voltage is measured between two collectors
b. Output is measured with respect to ground
c. Two input signals are used
d. All of the above


In a differential mode of an op-amp, if the output voltage is equal to the difference between outputs of individual transistors, its amplitude will be _______ the amplitude of signal voltage yielded at the collector to ground ??

a. twice
b. thrice
c. four times
d. one-fourth times


In a typical op-amp, which stage is supposed to be a dual-input unbalanced output or single-ended output differential amplifier ??

a. Input stage
b. Intermediate stage
c. Output stage
d. Level shifting stage


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Which among the following is/are the feature/s characteristic/s of an integrated op-amp ??

a. Small size
b. High-reliability
c. Low cost & less power consumption
d. All of the above


In AM detector using PLL, the phase detector is basically a multiplier which produces ________ components of frequencies at its output ??

a. Sum
b. Difference
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


For a PLL IC 565 with timing resistor & timing capacitor of about 15 kΩ & 0.02μF respectively, what would be the value of output frequency (f0) ??

a. 433.33 Hz
b. 833.33 Hz
c. 1000 Hz
d. 2500 Hz


In VCO IC 566, the value of charging & discharging is dependent on the voltage applied at ______ ??

a. Triangular wave output
b. Square wave output
c. Modulating input
d. All of the above


Integrated Circuits Multiple Choice Questions



According to transfer characteristics of PLL, the phase error between VCO output & incoming signal must be maintained between _______ in order to maintain a lock ??

a. 0 & π
b. 0 & π/2
c. 0 & 2π
d. π & 2π


Which characteristic of PLL is defined as the range of frequencies over which PLL can acquire the lock with the input signal ??

a. Free-running state
b. Pull-in time
c. Lock-in range
d. Capture range


Which among the following are regarded as three-pin voltage regulator ICs ??

a. Fixed voltage regulators
b. Adjustable voltage regulators
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


Due to operation of series pass transistor in an active region of linear voltage regulator, ___________ ??

a. The ripple contents in the o/p voltage waveform are very low
b. Then there is no necessity of using high-speed transistor
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


Integrated Circuits Multiple Choice Questions



Which type of IC voltage regulator exhibits continuous variation in the impedance of the transistor in order to supply the desired load current ??

a. Linear regulators
b. Switching regulators
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


In the LM317 voltage regulator, what is the minimum value of voltage required between its input & output in order to supply power to an internal circuit ??

a. 1V
b. 3V
c. 5V
d. 10V


In the LM317 voltage regulator, the protective diodes do not allow the filter capacitors to discharge through ______ current points ??

a. High
b. Low
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


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