Information Theory And Coding: Multiple Choice Questions

Information Theory And Coding. This set has 15 Multiple Choice Questions on Information Theory And Coding related to Information Theory And Coding in Electronics Engineering for universities student, entry tests preparation, or school/college electronics studies.


Information Theory And Coding



For (n,k) binary BCH code, how are the parity check bits (n – k) specified ??

a. m + tc
b. m – tc
c. mtc
d. m/tc


BCH codes exhibit the multiple error-correcting capabilities with the provision of selecting ??

a. Alphabet size
b. Block length
c. Code rates
d. All of the above


Generally, a primitive polynomial of degree ‘m’ is an irreducible polynomial in such a way that it is a factor of xn + 1, where ‘n’ = ??

a. 2m – 1
b. m/n – 1
c. (m+1) /2
d. m-n-1


In minimal polynomial, _______ degree polynomial is present with coefficients in the basefield along with the zeros in extension field ??

a. largest
b. constant
c. smallest
d. unpredictable


Engineering MCQs



Which type of ARQ system introduces the transmission delay between the transmitter and receiver before the reception of frame at receiver for the purpose of error detection ??

a. Go-back-N ARQ
b. Selective Repeat ARQ
c. Stop-and-Wait ARQ
d. None of the above


At any given time, the output of an encoder depends on ??

a. Past input
b. Present input
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


While representing the convolutional code by (n,k,m), what does ‘m’ signify or represent in it ??

a. Coded bits
b. Message bits
c. Memory order
d. All of the above


During the shifting of bits in an encoder, how are the transitions in the states represented ??

a. Bylines
b. By circles
c. By summers
d. By squares


Information Theory And Coding


In Viterbi’s algorithm which metric is adopted for decision making ??

a. Hamming distance
b. Galois Field
c. Hamming bound
d. Parity-check


In Viterbi’s algorithm, the selected paths are regarded as __________ ??

a. survivors
b. defenders
c. destroyers
d. carriers


For a baseband system with transmission rate ‘rs’ symbols/sec, what would be the required bandwidth ??

a. rs / 2 Hz
b. rs / 4 Hz
c. rs / 8 Hz
d. rs / 16 Hz


For a Gaussian channel of 1 MHz bandwidth with the signal power to noise spectral density ratio of about 104 Hz, what would be the maximum information rate ??

a. 12000 bits/sec
b. 14400 bits/sec
c. 28000 bits/sec
d. 32500 bits/sec


Information Theory And Coding


With respect to the power-bandwidth trade-off, for reducing the transmit power requirement, the bandwidth needs to be ??

a. Increased
b. Constant
c. Decreased
d. None of the above


In a digital communication system, if both power and bandwidth are limited, then which mechanism/choice is preferred ??

a. Power-efficient modulation
b. Bandwidth efficient modulation
c. Error control coding
d. Trellis coded modulation


In coding gain & bandwidth of TCM, if the signal energy is kept constant, the ________ of constellation reduces the noise margin and results in the degradation of performance ??

a. Expansion
b. Compression
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


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