Information Theory And Coding MCQ: Multiple Choice Q&A

Information Theory And Coding MCQ. This set contains 15 MCQs on Information Theory And Coding in Electronics Engineering.


Information Theory And Coding MCQ



In the channel coding theorem, channel capacity decides the _________ permissible rate at which error-free transmission is possible ??

a. Maximum
b. Minimum
c. Constant
d. None of the above


Which type of channel does not represent any correlation between input and output symbols ??

a. Noiseless Channel
b. Lossless Channel
c. Useless Channel
d. Deterministic Channel


According to Shannon’s second theorem, it is not feasible to transmit information over the channel with ______ error probability, although by using any coding technique ??

a. small
b. large
c. stable
d. unpredictable


Which among the following is/are the essential condition/s for a good error control coding technique ??

a. Faster coding & decoding methods
b. Better error-correcting capability
c. Maximum transfer of information in bits/sec
d. All of the above


Electronics MCQ


In a digital communication system, smaller the code rate, _________ are the redundant bits ??

a. less
b. more
c. equal
d. unpredictable


In a linear code, the minimum Hamming distance between any two codewords is ______ minimum weight of any non-zero code word ??

a. Less than
b. Greater than
c. Equal to
d. None of the above


Basically, the Galois field consists of ______ number of elements ??

a. Finite
b. Infinite
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


Which among the following represents the code in which codewords consist of message bits and parity bits separately ??

a. Block Codes
b. Systematic Codes
c. Code Rate
d. Hamming Distance


Information Theory And Coding MCQ


According to linearity property, the ________ of two codewords in a cyclic code is also a valid codeword ??

a. sum
b. difference
c. product
d. division


What is the value of the leading coefficient of a monic polynomial ??

a. 0.5
b. 1
c. 4
d. 16


If the channel is bandlimited to 6 kHz & signal to noise ratio is 16, what would be the capacity of the channel ??

a. 15.15 kbps
b. 24.74 kbps
c. 30.12 kbps
d. 52.18 kbps


In decoding of cyclic code, which among the following is also regarded as ‘Syndrome Polynomial’ ??

a. Generator Polynomial
b. Received code word Polynomial
c. Quotient Polynomial
d. Remainder Polynomial


Information Theory And Coding MCQ


For designing of (4,1) cyclic repetition code, what would be the order of the generator polynomial g(x) ??

a. 1
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5


While decoding the cyclic code, if the received codeword is similar as transmitted codeword, then r(x) mod g(x) is equal to _________ ??

a. Zero
b. Unity
c. Infinity
d. None of the above


The minimum distance of linear block code (dmin) is equal to a minimum number of rows or columns of HT, whose _____ is equal to zero vector ??

a. sum
b. difference
c. product
d. divison


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