History of the United States | MCQ Part-2

History of the United States. Multiple Choice Questions on History of America and Historical facts of USA. For the first 50 MCQ see History MCQ the United States Part 1


History of the United States


The Declaration of Independence was signed on ??

a. June 4, 1744
b. November 11, 1781
c. January 1, 1777
d. July 4, 1776


The Capital of New York State is ??

a. Albany
b. Delmar
c. Troy
d. Syracuse


The Declaration of Independence was written by ??

a. Thomas Jefferson
b. Thomas Paine
c. George Washington
d. Alexander Hamilton


Abolitionism was to ??

a. Ban Alcohol
b. Ban Slavery
c. Ban Child Labor
d. Ban Protesting


The first President of the United States was ??

a. James Madison
b. John Adams
c. Alexander Hamilton
d. George Washington


Before Civil War the Principal Crop of the South was ??

a. Tobacco
b. Rice
c. Cotton
d. Maize

The first Vice-President of the United States was ??

a. Thomas Jefferson
b. John Adams
c. Alexander Hamilton
d. George Washington


Henry Clay was a ??

a. Musician
b. Businessman
c. Sportsman
d. None of these


The first representative legislature that met in the colonies was ??

a. the New England town meeting
b. the Virginia House of Burgesses
c. the New England Confederation
d. the Legislature of Connecticut


The US entered the Second World War in ??

a. 1939
b. 1940
c. 1941
d. 1953


USA History


The French and Indian war lasted until ??

a. 1692 
b. 1763
c. 1776
d. 1789


Gold Rush in California took place in ??

a. 1842
b. 1849
c. 1852
d. None of these


The ideology revealed in Plessy v. Ferguson was ??

a. separate but equal
b. the existence of slavery
c. the existence of free states and slave states
d. the emancipation of all slaves


Louis Armstrong was a ??

a. Pianist
b. Drummer
c. Trumpeter
d. Guitarist


The Jamestown settlement was made possible thanks to ??

a. the Dutch West India Company
b. the London Company
c. Huguenots
d. the Plymouth Company


‘Four Freedoms’ were announced by ??
a. Truman
b. Wilson
c. FDR
d. Jason

The lame-duck is ??

a. the outgoing president
b. the president-elect
c. the winning candidate
d. the vice-president


Affirmative Action policy is to help ??

a. Whites
b Blacks
c. Women
d. None of these

Manifest Destiny refers to ??

a. exploration in the Oregon territory
b. the independence of Texas
c. an ideology of expansion
d. the war against Mexico


Rockefellers made their fortune in ??
a. Oil
b. Steel
c. Railroads
d. Copper


History of the United States

The Pilgrims came to America ??

a. to trade with the Indians
b. to find a new route to the Indies
c. to win the freedom of religion for themselves
d. because they wanted to be near the French


The Liberty Bell is located in ??
a. Washington D.C
b. New York
c. Pennsylvania
d. Los Angeles


The Plymouth Plantation is often regarded as ??

a. the first form of democracy in America
b. the first American theocracy
c. the first successful settlement
d. the most tolerant settlement toward Indians


Which state was known as the Lone Star Republic ??
a. Ore gone
b. Texas
c. California
d. Florida

The Pilgrims landed in New England in ??

a. 1607
b. 1620
c. 1619
d. 1776


MORMONS are settled in ??
a. Nevada
b. Utah
c. New Mexico
d. Indiana


Today the President-elect enters the White House in ??

a. January
b. February
c. March
d. April


The total number of British colonies in North America was ??
a. 11
b. 15
c. 17
d. 13

The President-elect used to enter the White House in

a. November
b. December
c. January
d. March


The Declaration of Independence was written by ??
a. George Washington
b. Thomas Jefferson
c. John Adams
d. James Baldwin


History of the United States


The President has to swear that he will defend ??

a. the Bible
b. the Constitution
c. the Bill of Rights
d. the Supreme Court


Virgin Island was purchased from ??
a. Spain
b. Denmark
c. Portugal
d. Sweden


The Puritans settled in

a. Maryland
b. Massachusetts
c. New York
d. Virginia


Rhode Island was what state to enter the original 13 States which joined the Union ??

a. First
b. Third
c. Penultimate
d. Last


The real power of the American judiciary is ??

a. the right to order the Executive power to obey
b. the right to favor state laws
c. the right to help states nullify federal laws
d. judicial review


The Albany Congress 1754 was attended by delegates of which colonies ??

a. Thirteen
b. Seven
c. Eleven
d. Eight

The sectional debate refers to

a. the division of the country into square lots
b. the opposition between North and South
c. the organization of the southern territories
d. the Louisiana Purchase


The Boston Massacre took place in ??
a. 1763
b. 1782
c. 1773
d. 1770


The Society of Friends was a group of

a. Catholics
b. Quakers
c. Huguenots
d. Mormons


Oregon was acquired in ??
a. 1846
 b. 1839
c. 1812
d. 1837


History of the United States


The Stamp Act was passed by ??

a. the Continental Congress
b. the Virginia House of Burgesses
c. the British Parliament
d. the Congress under the Articles of Confederation


Jamestown was founded in ??

a. 1607
b. 1616
c. 1919
d. 1628

The Supreme Court decision known as Plessy v. Ferguson refers to ??

a. slavery in the USA
b. segregation
c. black people’s right to vote
d. emancipation


In 1602 ??
a. Pope Draw’s demarcation line
b. Harvard College is established
c. Pilgrims land at Plymouth
d. None of these


The War for Independence lasted until ??

a. 1780
b. 1781
c. 1785
d. 1789


John Adams was _____ US President ??
a. Third
b. Eleventh
c. Twenty-Fifth
d. None of these


Thomas Paine wrote ??

a. The Declaration of Independence
b. Common Sense
c. The Bill of Rights
d. The Articles of Confederation


The Gadsden Purchase of 50,000 square miles of land was primarily for the construction of ??

a. University Town
b. Railways
c. Canals
d. Roads


To become effective the Constitution had to be ratified by ??

a. 5 states
b. 7 states
c. 9 states
d. 13 states


 Black birding is ??
a. Legal trade of slaves
b Illegal trade of slaves
c. Legal hunt of birds
d. Illegal hunt of birds


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