History of America Multiple Choice Questions | MCQ Part-3

History of America. 50 Multiple-Choice Questions about American History and related things. Check History Of The United States Part 2 for previous MCQs.


History of America


Which State refused to participate in the drafting of the Constitution ??

a. Massachusetts
b. Connecticut
c. Rhode Island
d. New Hampshire


Congress of US consists of ??

a. Senate, House of Lords
b Senate and President
c. House of Representatives & President
d. None of these


Dred Scott Vs Sandford ??

a. denied black people the right to citizenship
b. made it possible for the Missouri Compromise to be enacted
c. made it possible for Missouri to be a slave state
d. allowed homesteaders to settle in the west


Article 1 of the US Constitution says, “No person can be a Representative who shall not have attained to the age of ____ years and ____ years a citizen of the US” ??

a. Twenty Five and 10 years
b. Thirteen and 07 years
c. Twenty Five and 07 years
d. Twenty Five and 11 years

The Homestead Act was ??

a. a law declaring that all slaves were free
b. a law permitting any American to obtain a piece of land
c. a law that forbade any foreign country to colonize the New World
d. an agreement with Spain concerning Florida


History of America


First what amendments were passed by the congress on September 25, 1789 ??

a. Ten
b. Fourteen
c. Four
d. Eleven


The Supremacy clause deals with ??

a. the necessity to include a Bill of Rights in the Constitution
b. the protection of private property
c. the Constitution as first law of the land
d. the possibility of impeaching the President


KKK stands for ??

a. Kind-Keen Knowledgeable
b. King-Kyle Kong
c. Ku-Klux Klan
d. Kites-Kimberly Katy


Impeachment is the legal possibility of ??

a. suing a President in court
b. preventing any person from being a US official
c. forcing a President to resign
d. breaking up Congress


Delaware State is nicknamed what state ??

a. Donkey
b. Dog
c. Dust
d. Diamond


American History

56. The Bill of Rights is ??

a. the political organization of American society
b. a series of ten amendments enacted to protect the individual
c. laws enacted for the general good of the colonies
d. the organization of American society as a theocracy


The era of Good Feeling was during the presidency of ??

a. George Washington
b. Franklin D. Roosevelt
c. James Monroe
d. Harry S. Truman

The 1787 American Constitution ??

a. set up a society grounded on four independent powers
b. is subject to state law
c. is said to be the supreme law of the country
d. declared that America should break all ties with Europe


Puerto Rico ceded by Spain in ??

a. 1832
b 1898
c. 1733
d. 1831

In 1787 the Constitution ??

a. just separated the legislative power from the executive power
b. gave the judicial power final control
c. enabled the three powers to check on one another
d. gave the President the supreme power


The slogan of ‘Fair Deal’ was given by ??

a. President Truman
b. President Nixon
c. President Andrew Jackson
d. President Ford


A National Convention decides of ??

a. the states where primary elections will take place
b. the places where caucuses will take place
c. the official nomination of the party’s candidates
d. the number of candidates


What is known as father of the constitution ??

a. George Washington
b. Samuel Adams
c. James Madison
d. Gerald Ford


President Nixon is especially known for ??

a. his 1960 political debate against John F. Kennedy
b. his decisions to overthrow some South American régimes
c. the political crisis of the Watergate affair
d. his 1972 reelection


The first permanent and successful English Colony in America, Jamestown Virginia, was founded in the year ??

a. 1495
b. 1592
c. 1683
d. 1607


History of America


The Connecticut Compromise ??

a. allowed slavery in the Southern States
b. gave birth to a bicameral congress
c. decided on the way the President would be chosen
d. was the agreement which gave birth to the Electoral college


The Pilgrims from England reached Plymouth (New England) in a ship called ??

a. Nina
b. Pinta
c. Mayflower
d. Leopard

The Missouri Compromise refers to ??

a. the organization of the northwest territories
b. the right to organize parts of the western territories as slave territories
c. the expansion of the railroad westward
d. abolition of slavery


Which one of the following leaders of the American Revolution was also a scientist, a printer, a satirist, and a political philosopher ??

a. Samuel Adams
b. John Adams
c. Benjamin Franklin
d. Thomas Jefferson

The Monroe Doctrine refers to ??

a. westward expansion
b. a form of isolationism from Europe
c. an agreement between Russia and the USA regarding Alaska
d. the recognition of the presence of colonial Spain in America


How many political parties are mentioned by name in the U.S. Constitution ??

a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four

Besides Jamestown, where else did the English try to settle in 1607 ??

a. Roanoke Island
b. Pistolet Bay
c. Sagadahoc
d. Manhattan


The Bill of Rights was incorporated in the U.S. Constitution in the year ??

a. 1787
b. 1789
c. 1790
d. 1791


Who was the first explorer who supposedly entered the bay of Manhattan ??

a. Henry Hudson
b. Giovanni da Verrazano
c. John Cabot
d. Walter Raleigh


Who was elected as President of the Confederacy when the seceding Southern Slave State announced their secession from the United States of America and founded the Confederate States of America in 1861 ??

a. Thomas Jefferson
b. Jefferson Davis
c. James Madison
d. Aaron Burr


History of America

Who rebelled against the Governor of Jamestown and burned down the place?

a. Nathaniel Bacon
b. William Berkeley
c. Indian Chief Powhatan
d. John Smith


In which capacity did Alexander Hamilton work with George Washington, the first President of the United States of America ??

a. Secretary of Defense
b. Secretary of State
c. Secretary of Treasury
d. Attorney General

67. Who married Pocahontas ??

a. John Rolfe
b. John Smith
c. William Berkeley
d. Nathaniel Bacon


One of the first two political factions in the United States, the Democratic-Republicans, was led by ??

a. Jefferson Davis
b. Alexander Hamilton
c. Thomas Jefferson
d. George Washington


68. What saved the Jamestown colony from economic ruin ??

a. the cultivation of tobacco
b. the cultivation of cotton
c. the cultivation of corn
d. the discovery of gold


The Treaty of Paris in 1783 fixed the Western boundary of the United States at the River ??

a. Missouri
b. Kentucky
c. Mississippi
d. Potomac

69. When did the Gold Rush take place ??

a. 1820
b. 1849
c. 1884
d. 1912


During Jefferson’s Presidency, Robert R. Livingstone was the U.S. Minister to ??

a. England
b. Spain
c. France
d. Russia

70. The political decision is known as the Great Compromise is ??

a. the Connecticut Compromise
b. The Missouri Compromise
c. the Manifest Destiny
d. the Kansas-Nebraska Act


Under which treaty United States acquired Florida from Spain ??

a. Treaty of Paris
b. Adams-Onis Treaty
c. Pinckney’s Treaty
d. Jay’s Treaty


History of America


Where can you find the following phrase: “Men … are endowed with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”?

a. The Declaration of Independence
b. The articles of Confederation
c. The Bill of Rights
d. The Declaration of Emancipation


Which of the American Presidents won four consecutive presidential elections and remained president for the longest period of time ??

a. Theodore Roosevelt
b. Woodrow Wilson
c. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
d. Harry S. Truman

Where can you find the concept of a Civil Body Politic that will enact “just and equal laws… for the general good” ??

a. The Mayflower Compact
b. The Declaration of Independence
c. The articles of Confederation
d. The Constitution


Alaska was acquired by the United States from ??

a. Spain
b. England
c. Canada
d. Russia


The Pilgrim Fathers’ colony was called ??

a. Jamestown Plantation
b. Plymouth Plantation
c. Massachusetts Bay Plantation
d. Virginia Plantation


Which of the American presidents was responsible for the Apollo Project that resulted in the man’s landing on the surface of the moon ??

a. Dwight David Eisenhower
b. John F. Kennedy
c. Lyndon Baines Johnson
d. Richard Nixon


Who was the owner of Maryland ??

a. Cecil Calvert
b. William Penn
c. John Winthrop
d. John Smith


Spain financed the Westward voyage of Columbus in ??

a. 1492
b. 1482
c. 1472
d. 1432

One dissenter that fled from Massachusetts and finally took part in the foundation of Rhode Island was ??

a. John Mason
b. Roger Williams
c. John Winthrop
d. Thomas Hooker


Which of the American Presidents was present at the time of the signing of the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel ??

a. John F. Kennedy
b. Richard Nixon
c. Jimmy Carter
d. Ronald Reagan


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