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History MCQ United States | MCQ Part-1

History MCQ. Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers on History of the United States Of America. Each MCQ has four options. The correct option is highlighted in the list.


History MCQ


Under the “Articles of Confederation” ??

a. Center had some extra power over states
b. Center had absolutely extra power over states
c. States had some extra power over the center
d. States had absolutely extra power over the center


The first English attempt at settling in the New World was at ??

a. Jamestown
b. Roanoke Island
c. Plymouth
d. New Amsterdam


According to the Constitution President of the United States must at least of how many years old ??

a. 18
b. 23
c. 35
d. 38


The English decided to settle in the New World ??

a. because they wanted to submit the Indians
b. in order to set up a military base against Spain
c. because the French had already colonized the North
d. because they needed to find India


There are how many states of the United States ??

a. 13
b. 28
c. 40
d. 50


The first permanent English settlement in the New World was at ??

a. Jamestown
b. Roanoke Island
c. Plymouth
d. New Amsterdam


American War of Independence was lasted from ??

a. 1770 to 1775
b. 1775 to 1783
c. 1777 to 1785
d. 1783 to 1785


The first subject of H.M. Queen Elizabeth I to be born in the New World was ??

a. Virginia Dare
b. John Smith
c. John White
d. Mary Rowlandson


In the war of 1812 between 13 States of US and Great Britain; Britain set fire to White House in ??

a. April 1813
b. August 1813
c. April 1814
d. August 1814


The first Africans were introduced into the American colonies in ??

a. 1498
b. 1564
c. 1619
d. 1742

United States History 


Who was the president of the United States during World War-1 ??
a. President Washington
b. President Lincoln
c. President Wilson
d. President Kennedy


The Pilgrim Fathers drafted what ??

a. The Mayflower Compact
b. The Constitution of the USA
c. The articles of Confederation
d. The Bill of Rights


America conducted two Atom Bombs on Japan in World War-2 so who was the president of the United States at that time ??

a. Harry S. Truman
b. Dwight D. Eisenhower
c. Herbert Hoover
d. Lyndon B. Johnson


The Pilgrim Fathers were ??

a. a group of southern secessionists
b. a group of adventurers and merchants
c. members of a sect that wanted to separate from the Church of England
d. Puritans who had been expelled from England


Who was the president of the United States during the Civil War ??

a. President Lincoln
b. President Kennedy
c. President F. Roosevelt
d. President Wilson


The Mayflower Compact was ??

a. organized a form of society based on a social contract
b. banned all non-religious people from the new society
c. stated that the new colony should be independent
d. declared that men of all religions could come and settle there


The President of the United States who served for the longest term in office was ??

a. President Washington
b. President F. Roosevelt
c. President Lincoln
d. President Kennedy


The famous female dissenter who took part in the foundation of Rhode Island was ??

a. Anne Hutchinson
b. Mary Rowlandson
c. Martha Canary
d. Virginia Dare


The United States purchased Alaska from Russia in ??
a. 1861
b. 1863
c. 1865
d. 1867


The Indian allies of the English during the French and Indian War were ??

a. the Iroquois
b. the Hurons
c. the Abenakis
d. the Ottowas


History MCQ


The Congress declared independence from Great Britain on

a. July 4, 1774
b. July 4, 1775
c. July 4, 1776
d. July 4, 1777


What Indian tribe was almost completely destroyed in 1636-37 after several raids on its villages subsequent to the murder of an English captain ??

a. the Pequots
b. the Wampanoags
c. the Narragansetts
d. the Mohicans


In 1787, The Constitutional Convention was convened in ??

a. Washington
b. New York
c. Philadelphia
d. Massachusetts


What country sold the first twenty Africans in Jamestown to be used as indentured servants ??

a. France
b. Spain
c. England
d. Holland


The Constitutional Convention was presided by ??

a. George Washington
b. Benjamin Franklin
c. Alexander Hamilton
d. Abraham Lincoln


In 1676 Chief Metacomet rebelled against the Puritan settlers. What is the name of that war ??

a. The French and Indian war
b. The Seven Years’ war
c. King Philip’s war
d. King William’s war


What had to face the watergate scandal ??

a. President Harrison
b. Ronald Reagan
c. Jimmy Carter
d. Richard Nixon


Lord Baltimore established the colony of Maryland as a refuge for ??

a. Quakers
b. Catholics
c. Puritans
d. Mormons


Watergate scandal was uncovered by the reporters of ??
a. Washington Post
b. New York Times
c. Wall Street Journal
d. none of these


Apart from New York which colony did the duke of York control ??

a. Pennsylvania
b. Georgia
c. Delaware
d. Maryland


History MCQ


The Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Army was ??

a. President Washington
b. President Lincoln
c. President John Adams
d. President Kennedy


What is the original name of the line separating the North from the South ??

a. the frontier line
b. the Dixie line
c. the Mason-Dixon line
d. the Blue Ridge


North Atlantic Treaty of NATO was signed when in Washington D.C ??

a. April 04, 1947
b. April 04, 1948
c. April 04, 1949
d. April 04, 1950


The 1803 Supreme Court decision known as Marbury v. Madison gave the Court a new power known as ??

a. Judiciary Act
b. Judicial Review
c. Judicial Power
d. Judicial Restraint


The Constitution of the United States was enforced on ??

a. July 4, 1787
b. September 17, 1787
c. July 4, 1789
d. September 17, 1789


Louisiana was bought from France in ??

a. 1783
b. 1803
c. 1820
d. 1865


The President of the United States who served for the shortest term in office was ??

a. President Wilson
b. President Nixon
c. President Harrison
d. President Kennedy


Florida was annexed from Spain in ??

a. 1814
b. 1819
c. 1823
d. 1845


The capital of the United States was moved from Philadelphia to Washington in ??

a. 1800
b. 1801
c. 1802
d. 1803


The Oregon Compromise was signed in ??

a. 1820
b. 1835
c. 1846
d. 1890


History MCQ


Which are one of North America’s earliest civilizations ??

a. Pre-Clovis People
b. Clovis people
c. Native American
d. Indians


The war known as the second war for independence was fought in ??

a. 1781-1783
b. 1801-1803
c. 1812-1814
d. 1846-1848


Prehistory of America begins with people migrating to these areas from when during the height of an Ice Age ??

a. Arab
b. North Pole
c. Asia
d. Atlantic Island

The famous woman who was made captive of Indians and wrote a book about her captivity was ??

a. Martha Canary
b. Mary Rowlandson
c. Virginia Dare
d. Anne Hutchinson


Babe Ruth was a ??

a. Priest
b. Businessman
c. Player
d. Political Agitator

23. Primary elections start in ??

a. January
b. February
c. July
d. November


Who wrote “The White House Years”  ??

a. Monica Lewinsky
b. Jacky Kennedy
c. Mark Twain
d. Henry Kissinger

The famous captain who saved the Virginia colony from disaster was ??

a. William Penn
b. Walter Raleigh
c. Peter Stuyvesant
d. John Smith


“I have a dream.” Who delivered this oration ??

a. John F. Kennedy
b. Rev. Martin Luther King
c. Bill Clinton
d. George Bush

The colony given to a Quaker in payment of a debt was ??

a. Maryland
b. Massachusetts
c. Pennsylvania
d. Virginia


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