Highway Engineering MCQs Part 5: Multiple Choice Q&A

Highway Engineering MCQs Part 5. Part 5 of Highway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers related to Civil Engineering. For Part 4 see Highway Engineering MCQs Part 4


Highway Engineering MCQs Part 5


The method of design of flexible pavement as recommended by IRC is ??

a. Benkelman beam method
b. Westergaard method
c. CBR method
d. group index method


Percentage of free carbon in bitumen is ??

a. less than that in tar
b. equal to that in tar
c. more than that in tar
d. none of the above


Penetration test on bitumen is used for determining its ??

a. temperature susceptibility
b. ductility
c. viscosity
d. grade


In the CBR test, the value of CBR is calculated at ??

a. both 2.5 mm and 5.0 mm penetrations
b. 7.5 mm penetration only
c. 5.0 mm penetration only
d. 2.5 mm penetration only


The recommended grade of tar for grouting purposes is ??

a. RT-5
b. RT.3
c. RT-2
d. RT-1


MCQs Part 5


The maximum allowable Los Angeles abrasion value for a high-quality surface course is ??

a. 45 %
b. 30%
c. 20 %
d. 10%


The ductility value of bitumen for suitability in road construction should not be less than ??

a. 60 cm
b. 50 cm
c. 40 cm
d. 30 cm


The maximum limit of water absorption for aggregate suitable for road construction is ??

a. 1.0 %
b. 0.8 %
c. 0.6%
d. 0.4 %


RC-2, MC-2, and SC-2 correspond to ??

a. viscosity in decreasing order from RC-2 to SC-2
b. viscosity in increasing order from RC-2 to SC-2
c. same viscosity
d. none of the above


Which of the following represents the hardest grade of bitumen ??

a. 100/120
b. 80/100
c. 60/70
d. 30/40


Highway Engineering MCQs Part 5


For rapid curing cutbacks, the oil used is ??

a. heavy diesel
b. light diesel
c. kerosene oil
d. gasoline


Bitumen of grade 80/100 means ??

a. its penetration value is 8 to 10 cm
b. its penetration value is 8 to 10 mm
c. its penetration value is 10 mm
d. its penetration value is 8 mm


The bottom-most layer of pavement is known as ??

a. subgrade
b. sub-base course
c. base course
d. wearing course


Softening point of bitumen to be used for road construction at a place where the maximum temperature is 40° C should be ??

a. greater than 40°C
b. equal to 40°C
c. less-than 40°C
d. none of the above


The number of repetitions, which the pavement thickness designed for a given wheel load should be able to support during the life of the pavement is ??

a. 1000000
b. 100000
c. 10000
d. 1000


Highway Engineering MCQs Part 5


The group index for soil, whose liquid limit is 40 percent, plasticity index is 10 percent and percentage passing 75 microns IS sieve is 35, is ??

a. 7
b. 5
c. 3
d. 0


Tyre pressure influences the ??

a. quality of surface course
b. both the above
c. the total depth of pavement
d. none of the above


Group index method of design of flexible pavement is ??

a. a semi-empirical method
b. an empirical method based on strength characteristics of subgrade soil
c. an empirical method based on physical properties of subgrade soil
d. a theoretical method



Select the correct statement ??

a. Minimum and maximum values of group index can be 0 and 20 respectively
b. The more the value of CBR, the greater thickness of pavement will be required
c. More the value of group index, less thickness of pavement will be required
d. all of the above


Flexible pavement distributes the wheel load ??

a. through a set of layers to the subgrade
b. through structural action
c. directly to subgrade
d. none of the above


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