Highway Engineering MCQs Part 4: Multiple Choice Q&A

Highway Engineering MCQs Part 4. Part 4 of Highway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers related to Civil Engineering. For Part 3 see Highway Engineering MCQs Part 3


Highway Engineering MCQs Part 4


The maximum number of vehicles can be parked with ??

a. 90° angle parking
b. 45° angle parking
c. 30° angle parking
d. parallel parking


The most efficient traffic signal system is ??

a. simple progressive system
b. flexible progressive system
c. alternate system
d. simultaneous system


A traffic rotary is justified where ??

a. when traffic volume is more than 5000 vehicles per hour
b. when traffic volume is less than 500 vehicles per hour
c. space is limited and costly
d. number of intersecting roads is between 4 and 7


Select the incorrect statement ??

a. The cycle length is normally 40 to 60 seconds for two-phase signals
b. Clearance time is generally 3 to 5 seconds
c. Go or green time of a signal is the sum of stop and clearance intervals for the cross-flow
d. Stop or red time of a signal is the sum of go and clearance intervals for the crossflow


When a number of roads are meeting at a point and only one of the roads is important, then the suitable shape of rotary is ??

a. turbine
b. elliptical
c. tangent
d. circular


MCQs Part 4


“Dead Slow” is a ??

a. informatory sign
b. warning sign
c. regulatory sign
d. none of the above


When the width of curb parking space and width of the street is limited, generally preferred parking system is ??

a. 90° angle parking
b. 65° angle parking
c. 45° angle parking
d. parallel parking


The provision of traffic signals at intersections ??

a. reduces rear-end collisions but may increase right angled collisions
b. reduces right angled collisions but may increase rear-end collisions
c. increases right-angled and rear-end collisions
d. reduces right-angled and rear-end collisions


The most economical lighting layout which is suitable for narrow roads is ??

a. central lighting system
b. staggered system
c. single side lighting
d. none of the above


The particular places where pedestrians are to cross the pavement are properly marked by the pavement marking known as ??

a. lane lines
b. crosswalk lines
c. turn markings
d. stop lines


Highway Engineering MCQs Part 4


In soils having the same values of plasticity index, if the liquid limit is increased, then ??

a. compressibility and permeability increase and dry strength decrease
b. compressibility, permeability, and dry strength increase
c. compressibility, permeability, and dry strength decreased. compressibility and permeability decrease and dry strength increases


When two equally important roads cross roughly at right angles, the suitable shape of the central island is ??

a. turbine
b. tangent
c. elliptical
d. circular


Los Angeles testing machine is used to conduct ??

a. crushing strength test
b. attrition test
c. impact test
d. abrasion test


Centreline markings are used ??

a. to designate proper lateral placement of vehicles before turning to different directions
b. to indicate that overtaking is not permitted
c. in roadways meant for two way traffic
d. to designate traffic lanes


The direct interchange ramp involves ??

a. diverging to the left side and merging from left
b. diverging to the right side and merging from right
c. diverging to the left side and merging from right
d. diverging to the right side and merging from left


Highway Engineering MCQs Part 4


The entrance and exit curves of a rotary have ??

a. different radii and different widths of pavement
b. equal pavement widths but the radius are more at the entrance curve than at exit curve
c. equal radii but pavement width are more at the entrance than at exit curve
d. equal radii and equal widths of pavement


Which of the following tests measures the toughness of road aggregates ??

a. shape test
b. impact test
c. abrasion test
d. crushing strength test


The maximum number of vehicles beyond which the rotary may not function efficiently is ??

a. 5000 vehicles per day
b. 5000 vehicles per hour
c. 500 vehicles per day
d. 500 vehicles per hour


If the aggregate impact value is 20 to 30 percent, then it is classified as ??

a. unsuitable for road surfacing
b. satisfactory for road surfacing
c. strong
d. exceptionally strong


As per IRC recommendations, the average level of illumination on important roads carrying fast traffic is ??

a. 30 lux
b. 20 lux
c. 15 lux
d. 10 lux


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