English Synonyms Quiz: MCQs Synonyms In English

English Synonyms Quiz. English Words and Synonyms Exercise. This exercise has 20 Multiple Choice Questions on English Synonyms.

English Synonyms Quiz


Exotic synonym ??

A. dull
B. uninteresting
C. Unusual
D. boring


Nostalgia synonym ??

A. Reminiscence
B. Apathy
C. Homesickness
D. Wistfulness


Reluctant synonym ??

A. Willing
B. eager
C. Unwilling
D. Ready


Foster synonym ??

A. Increase
B. Lessen
C. Raise
D. None

Synonyms MCQs


Obscure synonym ??

A. confusing
B. Reveal
C. Clear
D. Bright


Rebate synonym ??

A. Gift
B. Charity
C. Commission
D. Discount


Diffident synonym ??

A. Upsetting
B. Shy
C. Responsible
D. Polite


Dissent synonym ??

A. Agree
B. Accept
C. Disagree
D. Assent

English Synonyms Quiz


Doleful synonym ??

A. Sad
B. Happy
C. Famous
D. Enemy


Confiscated synonym ??

A. Seize
B. Return
C. Allow
D. Free


TRUCE synonym ??

A. Armistice
B. Ratify
C. Agreement
D. Settlement


Fervor synonym ??

A. Excitement
B. Class
C. Realization
D. Swiftness

English Synonyms Quiz


Defamation synonym ??

A. Libel
B. Slander
C. both A and B
D. Commendation


Facile synonym ??

A. Cheerful
B. Clean
C. Easy
D. Humorous


Gauche synonym ??

A. Awkward
B. Elegant
C. Sophisticated
D. Decent


Dearth synonym ??

A. Necessity
B. Luck
C. Lack
D. Abundance

English Synonyms Quiz


Apposite synonym ??

A. Whole
B. Revealing
C. Cooked
D. Appropriate


Cagey synonym ??

A. Secretive
B. Frank
C. Open
D. Weak


Bonhomie synonym ??

A. friendliness
B. curriculum
C. Meticulous
D. Insolent


YOB synonym ??

A. Annoyed
B. Intelligent
C. Humble
D. Aggressive


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