English Synonym MCQs: Synonyms On English Language

English Synonym MCQs. Multiple Choice Questions in the English Language.

English Synonym MCQs


Intractable synonym ??

A. hard to manage
B. barbaric
C. flawless
D. elusive


Demise synonym ??

A. residence
B. dismissal
C. accident
D. act
E. death


Phlegmatic synonym ??

A. stolid
B. respiratory
C. animated
D. pneumatic
E. aroused


Incorrigible synonym ??

A. commendable
B. incorruptible
C. unchangeable
D. overbearing


Fastidious synonym ??

A. speedy
B. precise
C. squeamish
D. hungry
E. slow

English Synonym MCQs


Frustration synonym ??

A. satiety
B. facility
C. thwart
D. nostalgia
E. lethargy


Indigence synonym ??

A. nativity
B. tolerance
C. gossiping
D. poverty
E. eating


Infinite synonym ??

A. verbal
B. indefinite
C. endless
D. strange
E. vague


Vindictive synonym ??

A. revengeful
B. triumphant
C. strategic
D. demonstrative
E. bigoted


Captious synonym ??

A. prominent
B. carping
C. critical
D. caustic
E. epigrammatic

English Synonym MCQs


Subterranean synonym ??

A. underground
B. stealthy
C. built up
D. cavernous


Saturnine synonym ??

A. planetary
B. gloomy
C. astronomic
D. hopeful
E. temperate


Sumptuous synonym ??

A. swampy
B. irritable
C. meagre
D. fancy
E. lavish


Ineluctable synonym ??

A. subtle
B. inevitable
C. incapable
D. insoluble


Tractable synonym ??

A. practicable
B. amenable
C. indisposed
D. critical
E. artistic

English Synonym MCQs


Pastime synonym ?? 

A. antiquity
B. memory
C. recreation
D. tardiness


Loquacious synonym ??

A. situated
B. gregarious
C. taciturn
D. antisocial
E. garrulous


Countenance synonym ??

A. opposition
B. proper conduct
C. agreeable quality
D. facial expression


Persiflage synonym ??

A. banter
B. oppression
C. sarcasm
D. bigotry
E. simile


Syllogism synonym ??

A. harmony
B. word division
C. sensible observation
D. reasoning method

English Synonym MCQs


Virago synonym ??

A. bacillus
B. chastity
C. shrew
D. wanton
E. tirade


Bifurcate synonym ??

A. to fork or divide
B. belch
C. think meditatively
D. explain at length


Disconcert synonym of ??

A. sing in harmony
B. pretend
C. cancel program
D. confuse
E. interrupt


Patois synonym ??

A. glib talk
B. slang
C. computer language
D. local dialect


Filch synonym ??

A. pretend
B. dirty
C. embarrass
D. steal
E. honor


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