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English Language Words Synonyms. 24+ Words in the English language with their synonyms. Ideal to improve English language and for tests practices.


English Language Words Synonyms



Synonym of “nomenclature” is ??

A. terminology
B. pseudonym
C. claque
D. title


Synonym of “eschew” is ??

A. to avoid
B. argue
C. forget
D. spit out


Synonym of “sordid” is ??

A. lazy
B. cruel
C. regrettable
D. dirty


Synonym of “redoubt” is ??

A. fortification
B. rearguard
C. trench
D. camp


Synonym of “comely” is ??

A. peaceful
B. attractive
C. fun-loving
D. modest


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The synonym of “lodestar” is ??

A. guiding principle
B. burden
C. optical illusion
D. symbol of authority


Synonym of “sagacity” is ??

A. attentiveness
B. courage
C. wisdom
D. thoughtfulness


Synonym of “iota” is ??

A. something owed
B. ancient coin
C. small amount
D. punctuation mark


Synonym of “tepid” is ??

A. enraged
B. equatorial
C. transported
D. lukewarm
E. embarrassed


Synonym of “congruent” is ??

A. energetic
B. crude
C. contrary
D. coinciding exactly


English Language Words Synonyms


Synonym of “barbaric” is ??

A. large and strong
B. uncivilized and brutal
C. simple
D. original


Synonym of “tranquillity” is ??

A. balance
B. patience
C. calmness
D. beauty


The synonym of “incontrovertible” is ??

A. long established
B. beyond dispute
C. lacking control
D. non-negotiable


Synonym of “impregnable” is ??

A. not fertile
B. safe against attack
C. severe
D. vulnerable


Synonym of “plausible” is ??

A. apparently believable
B. workable
C. true
D. somewhat evasive


English Language Words Synonyms


Synonym of “haggard” is ??

A. gaunt
B. irascible
C. wise
D. sluggish
E. witty


Synonym of “surrealistic” is ??

A. dreamlike
B. practical
C. depressing
D. natural


The synonym of “rendition” is ??

A. interpretation
B. imitation
C. report
D. reparation


Synonym of “effigy” is ??

A. proxy
B. profundity
C. boldness
D. exit
E. dumpy


Synonym of “flux” is ??

A. continuous flow
B. gradual curve
C. substitute
D. shimmering light


English Language Words Synonyms


Synonym of “felicitous” is ??

A. misleading
B. graceless
C. appropriate
D. egotistical


Synonym of “perfunctory” is ??

A. normal
B. done superficially
C. blunt
D. prepared in advance


Synonym of “inexplicable” is ??

A. frustrating
B. questionable
C. unexplainable
D. entangled


Synonym of “feral” is ??

A. productive
B. feverish
C. wild
D. seductive


Synonym of “indenture” is ??

A. contract
B. protection
C. teeth
D. space


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