English Language Synonyms: MCQs On English Synonyms

English Language Synonyms. 20+ Multiple Choice Questions on Synonyms in English. 

English Language Synonyms


Abandon synonym ??

A. Leave
B. Abstract
C. Abduct
D. None of these


EAGER synonym ??

A. Devoted
B. Clever
C. Curious
D. Enthusiastic


Abrupt synonym ??

A. Sudden
B. Noisy
C. Calm
D All of these


Addendum synonym ??

A. Augmentation
B. Codicil
C. Both a & b
D. Detriment

Synonyms MCQs


Aberrant synonym ??

A. Devious
B. Divergent
C. Steadfast
D. Both a & b


Ravage synonym ??

A. Annoy
B. Ruin
C. Popular
D. Predator


Turmoil synonym ??

A. Conclusion
B. Reversal
C. Meanness
D. Confusion


Abjure synonym ??

A. Disavow
B. Renounce
C. Both a & b
D. Espouse

English Language Synonyms


OBLIQUE synonym ??

A. Horizontal
B. Bore
C. Slanting
D. Disregard


Abrogate synonym ??

A. Revoke
B. Rescind
C. Repeal
D. All of above


Kidnap synonym ??

A. Appaling
B. Abduct
C. Renounce
D. All the above


Absolve synonym ??

A. Exculpate
B. Exonerate
C. Both a & b
D. Execute

English Language Synonyms


Backbone synonym ??

A. Front bone
B. Spine
C. Back
D. B & C both


WRATH synonym ??

A. Violence
B. Anger
C. Hatred
D. Jealousy


BEMOAN synonym ??

A. Denounce
B. Lament
C. Soothe
D. Loathe


Abstinence synonym ??

A. Abstemious
B. Sobriety
C. Temperance
D. All of these

English Language Synonyms


PARAGON synonym ??

A. Model
B. Virtue
C. Square
D. None


Shove synonym ??

A. A strong push
B. Avoid
C. Come out
D. Fast


GAINSAY synonym ??

A. Suppress
B. Oppose
C. Yielding
D. animation


Abstemious synonym ??

A. Abstinent
B. Temperate
C. Moderate
D. All of above


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