English Language Synonym: MCQs in English Language

English Language Synonym. Words And Synonyms in the English language.

English Language Synonym


Celibate synonym ??

A. single
B. double
C. married
D. bald
E. hypocritical


Pelt synonym ??

A. to throw things at
B. touch softly
C. place in layers
D. remove from


Nepotism synonym ??

A. favoritism
B. pool
C. philosophy
D. rule of despot
E. hedonism


Mores Synonym ??

A. morals
B. customs
C. taxes
D. fiscal year
E. swamp


Blissful synonym ??

A. maudlin
B. dour
C. beatific
D. moot
E. modish

English Language Synonym


Vestige synonym ??

A. clothing
B. trace
C. under-garment
D. hallway
E. hope


Chicanery synonym ??

A. foulness
B. aroma
C. chastity
D. trickery
E. poultry


Garrulous synonym ??

A. laconic
B. strangling
C. ecstatic
D. frozen
E. wordy


Diligent synonym ??

A. Hardworking
B. Witty
C. Deliberate
D. Lazy


Homogenous synonym ??

A. heterogeneous
B. motley
C. scrambled
D. different
E. similar

English Language Synonym


Penury synonym ??

A. custom
B. poverty
C. numismatics
D. affluence
E. criminology


Stunning synonym ??

A. Magician
B. Beautiful
C. Vain
D. None of these


Expiated synonym ??

A. vapid
B. assumed
C. disinclined
D. atoned
E. eroded


Ridiculous synonym ??

A. silly
B. Glorious
C. Frivolous
D. None of these


Propensity synonym ??

A. inclination
B. intelligence
C. probity
D. dishonesty
E. act

English Language Synonym


Impart synonym ??

A. to inflict
B. take sides
C. communicate
D. defy


Retrospect synonym ??

A. special kind of telescope
B. microscope
C. prism
D. review of the past
E. forecast of future events


Impeccable synonym ??

A. poverty-stricken
B. faultless
C. dirty
D. criminal
E. impervious


Patent synonym ??

A. insincere
B. fatherly
C. morbid
D. obvious


Abettor synonym ??

A. gambler
B. slaughter-house
C. encourager
D. factor
E. author


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