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Embedded Processors MCQs. Part 1 of the Embedded Processors MCQs in Electronics Engineering.


Embedded Processors MCQs


If the three stages of execution in pipelining are overlapped, how would be the speed of execution ??

a. Higher
b. Moderate
c. Lower
d. Unpredictable


In the process of pipelining, which instructions are fetched from the memory by the ARM processor during the execution of current instruction ??

a. Previous
b. Present
c. Next
d. All of the above


Abort mode generally enters when _______ ??

a. an attempt to access memory fails
b. low priority interrupt is raised
c. The ARM processor is on rest
d. undefined instructions are to be handled


Which type of non-privileged processor mode is entered due to raising of the high priority of an interrupt ??

a. User mode
b. Fast Interrupt Mode (FIQ)
c. Interrupt Mode (IRQ)
d. Supervisor Mode (SVC)


Which functional unit of ARM family architecture is responsible for upgrading the address register contents before the core reads or writes the next register value from the memory location ??

a. Databus
b. Barrel Shifter
c. Incrementer
d. Instruction Decoder


Embedded Processors MCQs


Which control register in the x86 family is reserved for future use and generally not adopted for current implementation ??

a. CR0
b. CR1
c. CR2
d. CR4


Which status flag in the x86 family is used to enable or disable the interrupt especially when the Pentium processor operates in the virtual mode ??

a. ID
b. VIP
c. VIF
d. AC


In Intel x86 architecture, which general-purpose register is used for repeated string instructions as well as shift, rotate, and loop instructions ??

a. EAX (Accumulator)
b. ECX (Counter)
c. EDX (Data register)
d. EBP (Data Pointer)


Which unit in 80386 DX architecture plays a crucial role in the conversion of a linear address to a physical address ??

a. Execution
b. Protection
c. Segmentation
d. Paging


Which function/s is/are provided by Integrated Memory Management Unit in 80386 architecture ??

a. Optional on-chip paging
b. 4 levels of protection
c. Virtual Memory Support
d. All of the above


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