Embedded Processors MCQs Part 2: Engineering Q&A

Embedded Processors MCQs Part 2. This section Part 2 of Embedded Processors MCQs contains 10 Multiple Choice Questions on Embedded Processors in Electronics Engineering.


Embedded Processors MCQs Part 2


In LCD, which pin/s is/are used to latch the data into the data register or command register ??

a. RS pin
b. R/W
c. E
d. All of the above


What is the size range of the alphanumeric LCDs ??

a. 1 to 8 characters
b. 8 to 80 characters
c. 100 to 150 characters
d. 250 to 400 characters


In LPC 2148, which among the following is/are the functions of the Mask register ??

a. Byte addressability
b. Relocation to ARM local bus for fastest possible I/O timing
c. Treating sets of port bits in the form of a group without changing other bits
d. All of the above


In DAC 0808, what is the high-speed multiplying input slew rate ??

a. 2 mA/μ sec
b. 4 mA/μ sec
c. 8 mA/μ sec
d. 16 mA/μ sec


In DAC 0808, which among the following is configured as a reference in addition to the R-2R ladder and current switches ??

a. Voltage amplifier
b. Current amplifier
c. Transconductance amplifier
d. Transresistance amplifier


Embedded Processors MCQs Part 2


While designing an embedded system, which sub-task-oriented process allocates the time steps for various modules that share similar resources ??

a. Simulation and Validation
b. Iteration
c. Hardware-Software Partitioning
d. Scheduling


At an active HIGH reset pin of 8051 microcontrollers, for how many machine cycles should the positive-going pulse be provided if the power is switched ON ??

a. only one
b. two
c. three
d. four


What is/are the configuration status of the control unit in RISC Processors ??

a. Hardwired
b. Microprogrammed
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


How is the nature of instruction size in CISC processors ??

a. Fixed
b. Variable
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


Which parameter/s is/are included in the ‘Time to market’ design metric of an embedded system ??

a. Time to prototype
b. Time to refine
c. Time to produce in bulk
d. All of the above


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