Digital Signal Processing Part 4: MCQ DSP In Electronics

Digital Signal Processing Part 4. Part 4 of Multiple Choice Questions in Electronics Engineering related to Digital Signal Processing.


Digital Signal Processing Part 4


Which peripheral on C 6 X processor allows buffering of serial samples in memory by port automatically & especially with the assistance of the EDMA controller ??

a. Boot Loader
b. HPI
d. McBSP


In the C6X processor, which external device/s get/s acquire/s interface support by EMIF peripheral ??

a. Synchronous burst
b. Asynchronous devices
c. Externally shared memory devices
d. All of the above


In TMS 320 C6x processor architecture, which operation/s is/are performed by the ‘M’ functional unit ??

a. Bit expansion
b. Bit interleaving & deinterleaving
c. Rotation & Variable shifting
d. All of the above


In TMS 320 C6x processor architecture, which functional unit is adopted for transferring the data from the register to and from the control register ??

a. L2
b. M2
c. S2
d. D2


In DSP Processor, what kind of queuing is undertaken/executed through instruction register and instruction cache ??

a. Implicate
b. Explicate
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above




Program Sequence plays a crucial role in maintaining the track of ___________ ??

a. Program counter increment
b. Conditional branching & looping
c. Subroutine & interrupt handling
d. All of the above


How is the sampling rate conversion achieved by factor I/D ??

a. By increase in the sampling rate with (I)
b. By filtering the sequence to remove unwanted images of spectra of original signal
c. By decimation of filtered signal with factor D
d. All of the above


In polyphase filter, which kind of realization is/are adopted for three subfilters possessing coefficients ??

a. Cascade
b. Parallel
c. Direct
d. All of the above


How is the operating level of sampling rate for the subfilters involved in the polyphase filters ??

a. Low
b. Moderate
c. High
d. None of the above


In polyphase filters, the subfilters which share a common delay line results in the reduction of the storage requirement by factor ______ ??

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4


Digital Signal Processing Part 4


For designing a multi-rate LPF with passband 0 to 50 Hz, stopband 60 to 280 Hz, stopband deviation 0.001, passband deviation 0.01, and sampling frequency (fs) = 400 Hz, what would be the value of normalized transition width ??

a. 0.025 Hz
b. 1.25 Hz
c. 1.50 Hz
d. 2.6 Hz


Consider the assertions (steps) given below. Which among the following is a correct sequence of designing steps for the sampling rate converters ??

A. Computation of decimation/interpolation factor for each stage.
B. Clarification of anti-aliasing / anti-imaging filter requirements.
C. Designing of a filter at each stage.
D. Calculation of optimum stages of decimation/ interpolation yielding maximum efficient implementation.

a. A, B, C, D
b. C, A, D, B
c. D, A, B, C
d. B, D, A, C


In cascade form of realization, how many bits should be used to represent the FIR filter coefficients in order to avoid the quantization effect on filter coefficients ??

a. 5 to 10
b. 12 to 14
c. 20 to 24
d. 28 to 40


In the frequency response characteristics of the FIR filter, the number of bits per coefficient should be _________ in order to maintain the same error ??

a. Increased
b. Constant
c. Decreased
d. None of the above


In FIR filters, which among the following parameters remains unaffected by the quantization effect ??

a. Magnitude Response
b. Phase Characteristics
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


Digital Signal Processing Part 4


Which filters exhibit their dependency upon the system design for stability purposes??

a. FIR
b. IIR
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


In linear phase realization, equal valued coefficients are taken commonly for reducing the requisite number of ________ ??

a. adders
b. subtractors
c. multipliers
d. dividers


How is/are the roundoff errors reduced in the digital FIR filter ??

a. By the representation of all products with double-length registers
b. By rounding the results after acquiring the final sum
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above


In Gibb’s phenomenon, the ringing effect is predominantly present near the ______ ??

a. bandgap
b. bandedge
c. bandwidth
d. bandshell


In the Barlett window, the triangular function resembles the tapering of rectangular window sequence _______ from the middle to the ends ??

a. linearly
b. elliptically
c. hyperbolically
d. parabolically


Digital Signal Processing Part 4


Which window function is also regarded as ‘Raised-cosine window’ ??

a. Hamming window
b. Hanning window
c. Barlett window
d. Blackman window


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