Digital Marketing Quiz: Digital Marketing MCQs

Digital Marketing Quiz. Multiple Choice Questions related to Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Quiz


_____ is a form of digital marketing that describes the use of the social web and social media ??

a) Pay Per Click (PPC)
b) Digital Asset Optimization (DAO)
c) Social Media Marketing (SMM)
d) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Which design approaches help in building sites that are optimized for various screen sizes ??

a) Mobile optimized design
b) Responsive web design
c) Progressive enhancement
d) Adaptive web design


What are the key considerations for people in sales while they use social media for selling (Social Selling) ??

a) Check if their clients are on social media and then connect with them on the relevant social networks
b) Avoid using social media to sell
c) Build their professional brand and then position themselves as subject matter experts in their field to build credibility
d) Connect with their clients and prospects on LinkedIn and then start liking/commenting/sharing their posts


In the first 10 years, the web was heavily used as a static publishing and/or retailing (transactional) channel. This was known as ??

a) Web 2.0
b) Web 3.0
c) Web 1.0
d) Web 3.0


Digital Marketing Quiz


Why did Internet Service providers clamp down on personal emails being used for mailing purposes ??

a) Because it would use excessive server resources
b) Because they couldn’t check who was opening the email
c) Because it would slow down the network
d) Because it was against the email user guidelines


Marketing that moves away from a transaction-based effort to a conversation and can be described as a situation or mechanism through which marketers and a customer interact usually in real-time is called ??

a) Direct Marketing
b) Electronic marketing
c) Interactive Marketing
d) Indirect Marketing


An idea for a possible product that company will offer is classified as ??

a) product idea
b) product image
c) customer management
d) none of the above


Media and message are considered as ________ in communication process ??

a) tools
b) channels
c) functions
d) parties


Digital Marketing Quiz


Stage in which purchase intention is transformed into purchase decision is called ??

a) need recognition
b) information search
c) purchase decision
d) both b and c


In Communication process, receiver and sender are classified as ??

a) functions
b) parties
c) tools
d) channels


This aims at influencing users who have begun their research on search engines, but not needed that they have visited a brand site ??

a) Contextual marketing
b) Search retargeting
c) Remarketing
d) Both a & b


Stages such as conviction stage, liking stage, preference stage, and actual purchase stage are all of the process called ??

a) channeling
b) buyer readiness
c) channel designing
d) strategic


Digital Marketing Quiz


Customer is _________ if customer’s expectations and products performance matches ??

a) satisfied
b) dissatisfied
c) delighted
d) none of these


Procedure in marketing which consists of enlisting opinion leaders as brand ambassadors is called ??

a) Leading
b) online
c) Buz
d) none of the above


This is the process of marketing accomplished or facilitated through the application of electronic devices, appliances, tools, techniques, technologies and or systems ??

a) Direct Marketing
b) interactive marketing
c) Electronic marketing
d) internet marketing


What behavior highly involved consumer buying behavior while perceiving significant differences between brands ??

a) complex behavior
b) variety seeking behavior
c) dissonance reducing behavior
d) habitual behavior


Digital Marketing Quiz


Which Products like as “VHS tapes” ??

a) product classes
b) branding
c) product forms
d) product perception


Profits related to a new product in its introductory stage of profit related to new product ??

a) negative
b) positive
c) higher
d) declining


Which way of consumers feel or perceive towards an actual product or potential market offering ??

a) sales concept
b) product images
c) product idea
d) customer management


What classified by decoding, feedback, encoding and response are together in communication process ??

a) communication tools
b) communication channels
c) communication parties
d) communication function


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