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Digital Marketing Questions. MCQs on Digital Marketing. The most relevant Digital Marketing Questions for Tests and all kinds of Job Interviews.

Digital Marketing Questions


Marketing Process Involves ?? 
a) Product
b) Human Needs
c) Demand Flow
d) All of the above


SEO stands for ??

a) Site Engine Optimization
b) Search Engine Optimization
c) Site Efficiency Optimization
d) None of these


Which marketing techniques are most likely to pay you ??

a) Pay click advertising
b) Using social media marketing
c) Posting press
d) Article marketing


Which main objective of branding is ??

a) customers recognize your logo and marketing materials
b) earn trust from your customers
c) Promotional materials that match
d) a unique tagline


Digital Marketing Questions


Website functions which are the most important ??

a) Having free reports
b) Services your company provides
c) Capturing email addresses of visitors
d) Information on every page


What makes the mobile phone the ultimate brand engagement platform ?? 

a) The mobile phone allows for targeted messages, advertising, and apps to drive engagement
b) The mobile phone enables businesses to use apps to drive engagement
c) The mobile phone allows SMS, Messaging and Social Media to drive engagement
d) The mobile phone allows for targeted messages, customer engagement, and interactive features to drive engagement


Of the following website functions which is the most important ??

a) Services your company provides
b) Capturing email addresses of visitors
c) Contact information on every page
d) Having free reports


How much time period is required to get a google page ranking ??

a) 1 week
b) 2 week
c) 2 months
d) More than 3 months


Digital Marketing Questions


How would you describe what multi-channel attribution does ??

a) Gives the conversion credit to the first click
b) Assigns equal percentages for conversions to every step
c) Accredits deserving touchpoints along the conversion journey
d) Gives the conversion credit to the last click


Location is a unique feature of Mobile Marketing because ??

a) It enables brands to hyper-target their customers
b) It allows you to customize the marketing messages to suit the needs of users of a particular location
c) It allows you to personalize your marketing messages to the mobile user in a particular location
d) You can run different campaigns based on the location of the mobile user


Which triggers positive or negative emotions leads to purchase motivation ??

a) Emotional appeal
b) Rational appeal
c) Moral appeal
d) Irrational appeal


Customers in growth stage of life cycle of products are classified as ??

a) Innovators
b) Early adopters
c) Middle majority customers
d) Laggards


Digital Marketing Questions


Product development process after analysis of business next step to be taken is ??

a) Test marketing
b) Penetration marketing
c) One chanal marketing
d) Individual marketing


Which is reflected in web design through ??

a) Different feature stories appealing to different members
b) Content referencing the needs of companies
c) Different navigation options appealing to different members
d) Status of the business in the purchase decision process


Which is normally run by a consortium of buyers in order to establish an efficient purchasing environment ??

a) B2B independent e-marketplace
b) Buyer-oriented marketplace
c) Supplier-oriented marketplace
d) Vertical and horizontal e-marketplace


By bulk buying of items, One aim of e-procurement is to increase savings ??

a) Right quantity
b) Right thing
c) Right quality
d) Right price


Digital Marketing Questions


Which production is related to procurement ??

a) Office supplies
b) Raw materials
c) Information systems
d) Furniture


The possibility of website visitors following through on contacting you is ??

a) Offer a package
b) Tell them to call you
c) ”take away” with your contact information
d) Offer testimonials


What is the new content management tool for sweet ??

a) Sitecore
b) CMS Lite
c) Sharepoint
d) None


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