Digital Marketing MCQs: Q&A On Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing MCQs. This section has various Multiple Choice Questions on the topic of Digital Marketing. These MCQs are good to understand the concept and basics of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing MCQs


Who was developed Digital marketing ??

a) Justin Hall
b) Kem Thompson
c) Philip Kotler
d) Bruce Clay India


The term digital marketing was first used in ??

a) 1989
b) 1990
c) 1991
d) 1992


What are the advantages of digital marketing ??

a) increasing brand loyalty and driving online sales
b) businesses remain competitive and relevant by engaging with customers through different digital media channels
c) audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way
d) All of the above


The main objective of digital marketing is to ?? 

a) Be present on all channels
b) Replace traditional channels
c) All the options
d) None of the options


Digital Marketing MCQs


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ?? 

a) physiological
b) self-actualization
c) esteem needs
d) all of above


The 4Ps of marketing as defined by Philip Kottler are ??

a) Price, Product, Place, and Promotion
b) Price, Performance, Place, and Promotion
c) Price, Product, Place, and Positioning
d) PR, Product, Place, and Person


A website front or home page should include ??

a) A lengthy description of the organization
b) Logos depicting awards the site`s designers have received
c) Links to other websites
d) None of the above


The customer review of a product on an E-Commerce website ?? 

a) Awareness about the brand
b) Awareness about the product
c) Experience the product
d) Both a & c


Digital Marketing MCQs


The best way to make money while you sleep ??

a) Having products on your website
b) Good marketing ideas by dreaming
c) Selling stuff
d) works the night shift


Google advertising program is ??

a) online platform for advertising through google search engine
b) online platform for monitoring organic reach
c) online platform for creating ads for all search engines
d) None of the above


Buying relevant keyword and Paid search marketing is about bidding ?? 

a) True
b) False
c) May be
d) May not


Way promote a business with social media is ??

a) Lots of helpful and free information
b) Advertise your company
c) Clients to visit your website
d) Collect as many contacts


Digital Marketing MCQs


Customising advertisement to people who had earlier visited the site is ?? 

a) Search retargeting
b) Contextual marketing
c) Remarketing
d) None


When the new developed product concept is tested, the next immediate step is to ??

a) market strategy
b) testing technique
c) intermediaries
d) logistic network


Which platform can be used by advertisers and purchase ad impressions across ad exchanges ?? 

a) demand-side platform
b) supply side platform
c) Ad network
d) None


Which capabilities are offered by Web Content Management Tools ?? 

a) Centralized version control
b) Simplification through templates
c) Integration with enterprise applications
d) all


Digital Marketing MCQs


Site designing for mobile is very similar to the web ?? 

a) True
b) False
c) May be
d) May not


Search page engine optimization refers to ??

a) Programming keywords into a website
b) Each page of a website for design
c) Amount of links coming into your website
d) The number of search engine sites a website


Major sources of ideas for product development comes from ?? 

a) internal sources
b) external sources
c) product lines extension
d) both a and b


What are the two types of targeting that can be done with PPC advertising ??

a) Reaching people by demography and reaching people by interest
b) Reaching new prospects and reaching prior visitors (Remarketing)
c) Reaching people who search and people who visit websites
d) Reaching people through Retargeting and reaching people through Remarketing


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