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Computer science MCQs | Computer MCQs

Computer science MCQs | Online Computer MCQs 

Basic and Advanced Computer MCQs and Computer Science MCQs for Entry tests. Online MCQs and quiz for IT exams. 


Computer science MCQs


1- In computing OCR stands for?

(A) Optical Card Reader 

(B) Office Cash Receiver

(C) Optical Character Reader

(D) Online Computer Retrieval 


2- What is the abbreviation of IME?

(A) Input Method Editor

(B) Immediate Media

(C) Infinite Memory Engine

(D) Inside Microsoft Excel


3- What is the testing of a program’s component called? 

(A) Isolating Testing

(B) System Testing

(C) Pilot Testing

(D) Unit Testing


4- The word “Computer” taken from which language?

(A) Korean

(B) Portuguese

(C) Latin

(D) French


5- The output displayed on the computer monitor screen is?

(A) Hard copy

(B) Soft copy


(D) Screen copy


6- A set of eight bits called?

(A) Kilobyte

(B) Gigabyte

(C) Megabyte

(D) Byte


7- The abbreviation of LAN is?

(A) Local Access Network

(B) Local Area Network

(C) Large Access Network

(D) Large Area Network


8- “URL” stands for?

(A) Uniform Resource Locator

(B) Uniform Resource Location

(C) Universal Resource Locator

(D) Universal Resource Location


9- How many types of plotters are there?

(A) 3

(B) 2 

(C) 4 

(D) 5


10- The tangible components of a computer are?

(A) Peripheral device

(B) Storage device

(C) Output

(D) Hardware


ANSWERS: Computer science MCQs

1- (C) Optical Character Reader

2- (A) Input Method Editor

3- (D) Unit Testing

4- (C) Latin

5- (B) Soft copy

6- (D) Byte

7- (B) Local Area Network

8- (A) Uniform Resource Locator

9- (B) 2 

10- (D) Hardware


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