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In this section, you will find 450+ English words and their Synonyms.

Synonyms Quiz Questions And Answers: Synonyms MCQs

Synonyms Quiz Questions And Answers. Quiz with Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on English Synonyms.

Synonyms Quiz Questions


Concerned synonym ??

A. Forlorn
B. Delinquent
C. Solicitous
D. All of the above


Prudence synonym ??

A. Judgement
B. Folly
C. Recklessness
D. Incapable


Ominous synonym ??

A. Menacing
B. Promising
C. Auspicious
D. Propitious


Contaminate synonym ??

A. Purify
B. Debase
C. Clean
D. Arrange

Synonyms MCQ Questions


Murky synonym ??

A. Dark
B. Gloomy
C. Bright
D. Both A and


Lurch synonym ??

A. Stagger
B. Tiptoe
C. Steady
D. None of the above


Fanatical synonym ??

A. Zealous
B. Moderate
C. Open-minded
D. Rare


Indubitable synonym ??

A. Certain
B. Undeniable
C. Fraudulent
D. Doubtful

Synonyms Quiz Questions


Abysmal synonym ??

A. Dreadful
B. Awful
C. Atrocious
D. All of them


Obsolescent synonym ??

A. Useless
B. Glittering
C. Fustiness
D. Modernity


Abasement synonym ??

A. Incurrence
B. Taxation
C. Pride
D. Humiliation


Jeer synonym ??

A. Scoff
B. Magnanimity
C. Applaud
D. Avoid

Synonyms Quiz Questions


Hue synonym ??

A. Colour
B. Dew
C. Still
D. Pursuit


Deflect synonym ??

A. Frustrate
B. Divert
C. Revert
D. Depress


Enfeeble synonym ??

A. Weaken
B. Strengthen
C. Powerful
D. Acceptable


Yokel synonym ??

A. Crafty
B. Canny
C. bumpkin
D. Crave

Synonyms Quiz Questions


Soporific synonym ??

A. Meteoric
B. Phlegmatic
C. Sadistic
D. Hypnotic


Stricture synonym ?? 

A. Strictness
B. Stinging
C. Censure
D. Discipline


Bibulous synonym ??

A. Huge
B. Boozy
C. Sottish
D. Both B & C


Warmonger synonym ??

A. Militarist
B. Pacifist
C. Honest
D. Optimist


Unhinge synonym ??

A. Sane
B. Stable
C. Deranged
D. Balanced


English Synonyms Quiz: MCQs Synonyms In English

English Synonyms Quiz. English Words and Synonyms Exercise. This exercise has 20 Multiple Choice Questions on English Synonyms.

English Synonyms Quiz


Exotic synonym ??

A. dull
B. uninteresting
C. Unusual
D. boring


Nostalgia synonym ??

A. Reminiscence
B. Apathy
C. Homesickness
D. Wistfulness


Reluctant synonym ??

A. Willing
B. eager
C. Unwilling
D. Ready


Foster synonym ??

A. Increase
B. Lessen
C. Raise
D. None

Synonyms MCQs


Obscure synonym ??

A. confusing
B. Reveal
C. Clear
D. Bright


Rebate synonym ??

A. Gift
B. Charity
C. Commission
D. Discount


Diffident synonym ??

A. Upsetting
B. Shy
C. Responsible
D. Polite


Dissent synonym ??

A. Agree
B. Accept
C. Disagree
D. Assent

English Synonyms Quiz


Doleful synonym ??

A. Sad
B. Happy
C. Famous
D. Enemy


Confiscated synonym ??

A. Seize
B. Return
C. Allow
D. Free


TRUCE synonym ??

A. Armistice
B. Ratify
C. Agreement
D. Settlement


Fervor synonym ??

A. Excitement
B. Class
C. Realization
D. Swiftness

English Synonyms Quiz


Defamation synonym ??

A. Libel
B. Slander
C. both A and B
D. Commendation


Facile synonym ??

A. Cheerful
B. Clean
C. Easy
D. Humorous


Gauche synonym ??

A. Awkward
B. Elegant
C. Sophisticated
D. Decent


Dearth synonym ??

A. Necessity
B. Luck
C. Lack
D. Abundance

English Synonyms Quiz


Apposite synonym ??

A. Whole
B. Revealing
C. Cooked
D. Appropriate


Cagey synonym ??

A. Secretive
B. Frank
C. Open
D. Weak


Bonhomie synonym ??

A. friendliness
B. curriculum
C. Meticulous
D. Insolent


YOB synonym ??

A. Annoyed
B. Intelligent
C. Humble
D. Aggressive


Synonyms Quiz With Answers: MCQs English Synonyms

Synonyms Quiz With Answers. This MCQs exercise has 20+ English words and their correct synonyms.

Synonyms Quiz With Answers 


Accessible synonym ??

A. Available
B. Susceptible
C. Unrestricted
D. All of these


Exemplify synonym ??

A. Reprehensible
B. Illustrate
C. Empty
D. Finish


Fond synonym ??

A. Affectionate
B. Addicted
C. Devoted
D. All of these


Prudent synonym ??

A. Simple
B. Rapid
C. Foolish
D. Verbose

English Synonyms


Abstruse synonyms ??

A. Recondite
B. Intricate
C. Obscure
D. All of these


Infringe synonym ??

A. Breach
B. Escape
C. Hard
D. Bound


Rowdy synonym ??

A. Restrained
B. Noisy and disorderly
C. Crowd
D. Pushout


Dearth synonym ??

A. Necessity
B. Luck
C. Lack
D. Abundance

Synonyms Quiz With Answers


Flank synonym ??

A. Side of a person right or left
B. In an open, honest, and direct manner
C. Hidden
D. Far away


AMNESTY synonym ??

A. Assistance
B. Security
C. Judicial
D. Pardon


Intrepid synonym ??

A. Timid
B. Affable
C. Bold
D. Lazy


INFRINGE synonym ??

A. Breach
B. Escape
C. Hard
D. Bound

Synonyms Quiz With Answers


Retaliation synonym ??

A. Reconciliation
B. Remission
C. Revenge
D. Condonation


INEBRIATE synonym ??

A. Dreamy
B. Stupefied
C. Drunken
D. Unsteady


Abreast synonym ??

A. Smart
B. Informed
C. Opposite
D. None of these


Decimate synonym ??

A. Destroy
B. Promote
C. Disfigure
D. Dissipate

Synonyms Quiz With Answers


AFICIONADO synonym ??

A. Enthusiast
B. Critic
C. indifferent
D. Rival


Abstemious synonym ??

A. Diligent
B. Confused
C. Moderate
D. None of these


YOB synonym ??

A. Annoyed
B. Intelligent
C. Humble
D. Aggressive


Fealty synonym ??

A. Loyalty
B. Non-Alliance
B. Amenity
D. Fear


Mull synonym ??

A. Help
B. Discourage
C. Think
D. Provoke


English Language Synonyms: MCQs On English Synonyms

English Language Synonyms. 20+ Multiple Choice Questions on Synonyms in English. 

English Language Synonyms


Abandon synonym ??

A. Leave
B. Abstract
C. Abduct
D. None of these


EAGER synonym ??

A. Devoted
B. Clever
C. Curious
D. Enthusiastic


Abrupt synonym ??

A. Sudden
B. Noisy
C. Calm
D All of these


Addendum synonym ??

A. Augmentation
B. Codicil
C. Both a & b
D. Detriment

Synonyms MCQs


Aberrant synonym ??

A. Devious
B. Divergent
C. Steadfast
D. Both a & b


Ravage synonym ??

A. Annoy
B. Ruin
C. Popular
D. Predator


Turmoil synonym ??

A. Conclusion
B. Reversal
C. Meanness
D. Confusion


Abjure synonym ??

A. Disavow
B. Renounce
C. Both a & b
D. Espouse

English Language Synonyms


OBLIQUE synonym ??

A. Horizontal
B. Bore
C. Slanting
D. Disregard


Abrogate synonym ??

A. Revoke
B. Rescind
C. Repeal
D. All of above


Kidnap synonym ??

A. Appaling
B. Abduct
C. Renounce
D. All the above


Absolve synonym ??

A. Exculpate
B. Exonerate
C. Both a & b
D. Execute

English Language Synonyms


Backbone synonym ??

A. Front bone
B. Spine
C. Back
D. B & C both


WRATH synonym ??

A. Violence
B. Anger
C. Hatred
D. Jealousy


BEMOAN synonym ??

A. Denounce
B. Lament
C. Soothe
D. Loathe


Abstinence synonym ??

A. Abstemious
B. Sobriety
C. Temperance
D. All of these

English Language Synonyms


PARAGON synonym ??

A. Model
B. Virtue
C. Square
D. None


Shove synonym ??

A. A strong push
B. Avoid
C. Come out
D. Fast


GAINSAY synonym ??

A. Suppress
B. Oppose
C. Yielding
D. animation


Abstemious synonym ??

A. Abstinent
B. Temperate
C. Moderate
D. All of above


MCQ On Synonyms: English Language Synonym MCQs

MCQ On Synonyms. English Language Synonym MCQs with correct answers.

MCQ On Synonyms


Undergo synonym ??

A. Lambast
B. Thieve
C. Lay to rest
D. Experience
E. Proclaim


Prevalence synonym ??

A. Felony
B. Transgression
C. Sabotage
D. Commonness
E. Flouting


Brutal synonym ??

A. Mixed together
B. Noisy
C. Relating to teeth
D. Cruel


Manoeuvre synonym ??

A. Stultify
B. Intrigue
C. Stupefy
D. Fatigue

English Synonyms


Ruse synonym ??

A. Affinity
B. Ploy
C. Bribe
D. Goosebump


Pledge synonym ??

A. Outclass
B. Vow
C. Plunder
D. Compensate
E. Atone


Tyrant Synonym ??

A. Suspicious
B. Persecuter
C. Victim
D. Sagacious
E. Chatter box


Slap synonym ??

A. Drop of water
B. Hit
C. Vegetable
D. Journey

MCQ On Synonyms


Moratorium synonym ??

A. Austerity
B. Embargo
C. Leniency
D. Sereness
E. Celibacy


PEEL synonym ??

A. Dance
B. Surprise
C. Pull Off
D. Look at


Persecutor synonym ??

A. Oppressor
B. Hasty
C. Patient
D. Tycoon
E. Jubilant


Handful synonym ??

A. Busy person
B. Bad Event
C. Body part
D. Small number

MCQ On Synonyms


Accost synonym ??

A. Solicit
B. Confront
C. Both a & b
D. Scorn


Abject synonym ??

A. Disgusting
B. Squalid
C. Contemptible
D. All of these


Obscene synonym ??

A. Dirty
B. indecent
C. unhealthy
D. Both A & B


Abate synonym ??

A. Diminish
B. Halt
C. Decline
D. All of above

MCQ On Synonyms


Boulevard Synonym ??

A. Vortex
B. Turbulence
C. Avenue
D. Whirlpool
E. Turmoil


Lambast synonym ??

A. Entomb
B. Reprimand
C. Cease
D. Forbear
E. Adore


Raze synonym ??

A. Level
B. Defect
C. Pluck
D. Taunt
E. Fire


Acerbity synonym ??

A. Tartness
B. Astringency
C. Sourness
D. All of these


Synonyms Questions And Answers: English Synonyms MCQs

Synonyms Questions And Answers. This exercise contains 20 English synonyms with their correct answers in a Multiple Choice Question exercise.

Synonyms Questions And Answers


Calm synonym ??

A. Nervous
B. Serene
C. Agitated
D. Faint


Harass synonym ??

A. annoy
B. harness
C. involve
D. injure
E. consider


Debilitate synonym ??

A. argue
B. engage
C. remove hair
D. soothe
E. enfeeble


Tenacity synonym ??

A. persistence
B. game played on grass
C. large town
D. indifference
E. ecstasy

Synonyms Questions And Answers


Tawdry synonym ??

A. refined
B. yellow-orange
C. ancient
D. forward
E. gaudy


Erudite synonym ??

A. rough
B. unpolished
C. scholarly
D. magnificent
E. ornate


Outclass synonym ??

A. Surpass
B. Humiliate
C. Incur
D. Detest
E. Defect


Sumptuous synonym ??

A. Swampy
B. Irritable
C. Meager
D. Splendid

Synonyms Questions And Answers


Inculcate synonym ??

A. corroborate
B. lack
C. teach
D. destroy
E. avenge


Vie synonym ??

A. Compete
B. Kowtow
C. Censure
D. Sanction
E. Wink


Blush synonym ??

A. Negotiate
B. Detain
C. Redden
D. Inter
E. Taunt


Plunder synonym ??

A. Loot
B. Blush
C. Expedite
D. Ease
E. Contradict

Synonyms Questions And Answers


Kowtow synonym ??

A. Prostrate
B. Debar
C. Nullify
D. Hoard
E. Blush


Mollify synonym ??

A. sweeten
B. appease
C. applaud
D. worry
E. discourage


Sagacious synonym ??

A. Spendthrift
B. Dumb
C. Wise
D. Furious
E. Alert


Affinity synonym ??

A. Loathe
B. Aversion
C. Antipathy
D. Sympathy
E. Blood Relationship

Synonyms Questions And Answers


Assailant synonym ??

A. Jubilant
B. Turncoat
C. Assaulter
D. Reticent
E. Cop


Uproar synonym ??

A. Acquiescence
B. Calm
C. Turmoil
D. Placid


Professedly synonym ??

A. meekly
B. cruelly
C. bravely
D. pedantically
E. ostensibly


Tortuous synonym ??

A. winding
B. sadistic
C. cruel
D. like a turtle
E. carefree


Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions With Answers

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions. English words and their synonyms MCQs.

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions


Abase synonym ??

A. incur
B. tax
C. estimate
D. humiliate


Caress synonym ??

A. Adore
B. Kiss
C. Hate
D. Fondle


Thrifty synonym ??

A. loving
B. caring
C. cunning
D. frugal


PREVALENCE synonym ??

A. Currency
B. Magnitude
C. Impediment
D. Bounds

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions


Cadge synonym ??

A. Trick
B. Path
C. Disclose
D. Beg


Prognosis synonym ??

A. Unique
B. Good
C. Prediction
D. Priceless


DOWNTURN synonym ??

A. Spurt
B. Plunge
C. Upsurge
D. Repulsion


Gruesome synonym ??

A. Tragic
B. Frightful
C. Painful
D. Hateful

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions


Portent synonym ??

A. Lie
B. Isthmus
C. Omen
D. None of these


Paucity Synonym ??

A. Presence
B. Poverty
C. Scarcity
D. None of these


Bibliophile synonym ??

A. lover of books
B. lover of bibliography
C. lover of ideas
D. lover of art


Liaison synonym ??

A. Condone
B. Confine
C. Association
D. None of these

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions


BRISKLY synonym ??



Astound synonym ??

A. Amaze/greatly surprise
B. Clam
C. Clarity
D. None of these


Awfy synonym ??

A. Terrible
B. Happy
C. Active
D. Clear


Gigantic synonym ??

A. Huge
B. Enormous
C. Bright
D. None of these

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions


Bellicose synonym ??

A. Navel
B. Amusing
C. hostile
D. None of these


Willy-nilly synonym ??

A. Excavate
B. Haphazardly
C. Methodical
D. None of these


Waggle synonym ??

A. To bicker
B. Argue about price
C. Wobble
D. betting


Maladroit synonym ??

A. Clever
B. Adept
C. Clumsy
D. Serious

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions


Yank synonym ??

A. Push
B. Gluttonous
C. Hitch
D. None of these


Husbandry synonym ??

A. Business
B. Illicit
C. Rules
D. Agriculture


Succinct synonym ??

A. Concise
B. Elaborated
C. Extra
D. Verbose


Waive synonym ??

A. Accept
B. Struggle
C. Relinquish
D. Abrogate


English Language Synonym: MCQs in English Language

English Language Synonym. Words And Synonyms in the English language.

English Language Synonym


Celibate synonym ??

A. single
B. double
C. married
D. bald
E. hypocritical


Pelt synonym ??

A. to throw things at
B. touch softly
C. place in layers
D. remove from


Nepotism synonym ??

A. favoritism
B. pool
C. philosophy
D. rule of despot
E. hedonism


Mores Synonym ??

A. morals
B. customs
C. taxes
D. fiscal year
E. swamp


Blissful synonym ??

A. maudlin
B. dour
C. beatific
D. moot
E. modish

English Language Synonym


Vestige synonym ??

A. clothing
B. trace
C. under-garment
D. hallway
E. hope


Chicanery synonym ??

A. foulness
B. aroma
C. chastity
D. trickery
E. poultry


Garrulous synonym ??

A. laconic
B. strangling
C. ecstatic
D. frozen
E. wordy


Diligent synonym ??

A. Hardworking
B. Witty
C. Deliberate
D. Lazy


Homogenous synonym ??

A. heterogeneous
B. motley
C. scrambled
D. different
E. similar

English Language Synonym


Penury synonym ??

A. custom
B. poverty
C. numismatics
D. affluence
E. criminology


Stunning synonym ??

A. Magician
B. Beautiful
C. Vain
D. None of these


Expiated synonym ??

A. vapid
B. assumed
C. disinclined
D. atoned
E. eroded


Ridiculous synonym ??

A. silly
B. Glorious
C. Frivolous
D. None of these


Propensity synonym ??

A. inclination
B. intelligence
C. probity
D. dishonesty
E. act

English Language Synonym


Impart synonym ??

A. to inflict
B. take sides
C. communicate
D. defy


Retrospect synonym ??

A. special kind of telescope
B. microscope
C. prism
D. review of the past
E. forecast of future events


Impeccable synonym ??

A. poverty-stricken
B. faultless
C. dirty
D. criminal
E. impervious


Patent synonym ??

A. insincere
B. fatherly
C. morbid
D. obvious


Abettor synonym ??

A. gambler
B. slaughter-house
C. encourager
D. factor
E. author


English Synonym MCQs: Synonyms On English Language

English Synonym MCQs. Multiple Choice Questions in the English Language.

English Synonym MCQs


Intractable synonym ??

A. hard to manage
B. barbaric
C. flawless
D. elusive


Demise synonym ??

A. residence
B. dismissal
C. accident
D. act
E. death


Phlegmatic synonym ??

A. stolid
B. respiratory
C. animated
D. pneumatic
E. aroused


Incorrigible synonym ??

A. commendable
B. incorruptible
C. unchangeable
D. overbearing


Fastidious synonym ??

A. speedy
B. precise
C. squeamish
D. hungry
E. slow

English Synonym MCQs


Frustration synonym ??

A. satiety
B. facility
C. thwart
D. nostalgia
E. lethargy


Indigence synonym ??

A. nativity
B. tolerance
C. gossiping
D. poverty
E. eating


Infinite synonym ??

A. verbal
B. indefinite
C. endless
D. strange
E. vague


Vindictive synonym ??

A. revengeful
B. triumphant
C. strategic
D. demonstrative
E. bigoted


Captious synonym ??

A. prominent
B. carping
C. critical
D. caustic
E. epigrammatic

English Synonym MCQs


Subterranean synonym ??

A. underground
B. stealthy
C. built up
D. cavernous


Saturnine synonym ??

A. planetary
B. gloomy
C. astronomic
D. hopeful
E. temperate


Sumptuous synonym ??

A. swampy
B. irritable
C. meagre
D. fancy
E. lavish


Ineluctable synonym ??

A. subtle
B. inevitable
C. incapable
D. insoluble


Tractable synonym ??

A. practicable
B. amenable
C. indisposed
D. critical
E. artistic

English Synonym MCQs


Pastime synonym ?? 

A. antiquity
B. memory
C. recreation
D. tardiness


Loquacious synonym ??

A. situated
B. gregarious
C. taciturn
D. antisocial
E. garrulous


Countenance synonym ??

A. opposition
B. proper conduct
C. agreeable quality
D. facial expression


Persiflage synonym ??

A. banter
B. oppression
C. sarcasm
D. bigotry
E. simile


Syllogism synonym ??

A. harmony
B. word division
C. sensible observation
D. reasoning method

English Synonym MCQs


Virago synonym ??

A. bacillus
B. chastity
C. shrew
D. wanton
E. tirade


Bifurcate synonym ??

A. to fork or divide
B. belch
C. think meditatively
D. explain at length


Disconcert synonym of ??

A. sing in harmony
B. pretend
C. cancel program
D. confuse
E. interrupt


Patois synonym ??

A. glib talk
B. slang
C. computer language
D. local dialect


Filch synonym ??

A. pretend
B. dirty
C. embarrass
D. steal
E. honor


English Synonyms MCQs: Synonyms In English Language

English Synonyms MCQs. 25 Multiple Choice Questions on English Synonyms.


English Synonyms MCQs



Synonym of “reclusive” is ??

A. snobbish
B. scholarly
C. silent
D. hermit-like


Synonym of “legion” is ??

A. distance
B. rampage
C. multitude
D. motto


Synonym of “adversity” is ??

A. opponent
B. hardship
C. opening
D. public announcement
E. agency


Synonym of “chasten” is ??

A. discipline
B. pursue
C. sanctify
D. stop
E. start


Synonym of “broach” is ??

A. to decorate
B. bridge
C. offend
D. introduce


English Synonyms MCQs


Synonym of “unequaled” is ??

A. outstanding
B. different
C. praised
D. unique
E. strange


Synonym of “staid” is ??

A. weary
B. remaining
C. sedate
D. afraid
E. unkempt


Synonym of “senescent” is ??

A. sensitive
B. ageing
C. sleepy
D. sweet-smelling


Synonym of “frugality” is ??

A. extravagance
B. ripening
C. thrift
D. resentment
E. miserliness


Synonym of “pedagogue” is ??

A. demagogue
B. peddler
C. bicyclist
D. teacher
E. pupil


English Synonyms MCQs


Synonym of “vapid” is ??

A. steamy
B. helter-skelter
C. lively
D. boring


Synonym of “punctilious” is ??

A. scrupulous
B. varied
C. ready
D. prompt
E. vicarious


Synonym of “decorous” is ??

A. adorned
B. ugly
C. insane
D. proper
E. childish


The synonym of “quorum” is ??

A. public meeting
B. all the participants
C. necessary number of members
D. document


Synonym of “reticence” is ??

A. reserve
B. retention
C. regret
D. brazenness
E. hostility


English Synonyms MCQs


Synonym of “wrangler” is ??

A. lawman
B. cowboy
C. inventor
D. arbitrator


Synonym of “chagrin” is ??

A. chin
B. mortification
C. elation
D. intuition
E. chamber


Synonym of “incommunicado” is ??

A. close-mouthed
B. disguised
C. irreconcilable
D. without means of communication


Synonym of “prognosis” is ??

A. scheme
B. forecast
C. preface
D. identification of a disease


Synonym of “paroxysm” is ??

A. spasm
B. furor
C. paralysis
D. fear


English Synonyms MCQs


Synonym of “variegate” is ??

A. set type
B. multi-color
C. differ
D. reject
E. reply-in-kind


Synonym of “tenable” is ??

A. experimental
B. long-lasting
C. flimsy
D. defensible


Synonym of “disparity” is ??

A. argumentation
B. difference
C. belittlement
D. harmony
E. discord


Synonym of “cynosure” is ??

A. obscurity
B. center of attention
C. certainty
D. clown


Synonym of “wraith” is ??

A. apparition
B. garland
C. Christmas decoration
D. anger
E. excitement


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