Email Marketing Interview Questions: MCQs Email Marketing

Email Marketing Interview Questions. Multiple Choice Questions on Email Marketing

Email Marketing Interview Questions


What is e-Marketing ??

A. Electronic marketing
B. Internet Marketing
C. Online Marketing
D. All of the above


Market information means ??

A. Knowledge of industries
B. Knowledge of peers
C. Knowledge of customer’s tastes
D. All of the above


Which of the following comes under email marketing ??

A. Email newsletters
B. Lead Nurturing
C. Digests
D. All of the above


Which of the following is not an advantage of email newsletters ??

A. Email newsletters spread your brand awareness
B. leverage the temporary content
C. freedom to include different types of content
D. leverage the existing content

Email Marketing Interview Questions


Which of the following is most important metric to track email marketing ??

B. Open rate
C. Click rate
D. All of the above


What technique is used by legitimate marketers to customize offerings for specific customers ??

A. personalization
B. spamming
C. spoofing
D. None of the above


Select the features of a lead nurturing platform ??

A. A/B testing
B. Landing page creation
C. Campaigning
D. All of the above


How important is the authentication process in email marketing ??

A. Not Important
B. Can be skipped
C. Very Important
D. depends on individual

Email Marketing Interview Questions


In which type of email campaign advertisements are sent to target group of customer ??

A. Direct email marketing
B. Indirect email marketing
C. Spamming
D. spoofing


Which of the following is correct size of email template before executing a campaign ??

A. 15KB
B. 18KB
C. 20KB
D. 15MB


Emails containing videos have higher open rates and click through rates ??

C. Can be true or false
D. Can not say


What are the goals that marketers should strive for in email marketing ??

A. spend less time on email marketing
B. Increase open rates and click rates
C. Increase spam rates
D. Decrease deliverability rates

Email Marketing Interview Questions


Paid search marketing is usually purchased on which basis ??

A. Cost Per Acquisition
B. Pay Per Click
C. Cost Per Registration
D. None of these


What is a best practice for sending an email communication from a brand ?? 

A. Including only the employee name
B. Including employee’s first name
C. Sending from multiple employee accounts
D. Identifying the brand name


E-marketing is best seen as ?? 

A. A subset of e-business
B. Equivalent to e-business
C. Broader than e-business
D. None of the above


Marketing is the art of ?? 

A. Buying
B. Paying
C. Selling
D. Talking 

Email Marketing Interview Questions


Using white space around an object will ??

A. Waste space that could be used for marketing
B. Decrease readability
C. Enhance the object and draw attention to it
D. Make a border


In a marketing meeting you suggested that the company should put more emphasis on email marketing. What is the most compelling data statistic you should cite ??

A. It is a cheap marketing tool
B. It generates more ROI than other marketing channels
C. People like emails
D. Email can be integrated into social media


A member of your team proposes to cap the subject line at 30 characters to increase open rate and click rate. What points would you emphasize as the primary factors of open rate and click rate ??

A. Word length and frequency
B. Specific recipients and personalized message
C. List size and offer
D. Targeted industry and the day of the week


Open rates are more influenced by ??

A. Industry
B. Word choice
C. Personalization
D. The day email is sent

Email Marketing Interview Questions


How important is consistency in branding and subject lines ??

A. The email becomes an extension of the brand and the format becomes recognizable
B. Everything needs to be the same
C. It isn’t important
D. Subject lines can be ignored


This is a term for the number of times that user click on links in a message or on a website: it is much higher for legitimate marketing emails that for spam ??

A. personalization
B. spamming
D. spoofing


Identify the factor that enables tracking of good and bad reputation ??

A. IP address
B. User engagement
C. Frequency
D. All of the above


In developing your next email campaign you have to make a case to develop a responsive email. What is the key factor of responsive design to persuade your team ??

A. People open emails on smartphones more than any other device
B. Responsive design means designing for iPhones
C. People open emails multiple times on a variety of devices. So, the email needs to render properly regardless
D. Responsive design means mobile-first thinking