Basic Computer MCQs

Basic Computer MCQs: Computer Hardware MCQs

Basic Computer MCQs. This section includes Multiple-Choice questions related to Computer Hardware and Basic Computer MCQs on various topics. These MCQs can help you for NTS or university/school exams.


1- To display 1024×768 AT 24-bit color scheme how much video RAM is needed ??

(A) 4 Mb

(B) 8 Mb

(C) 16 Mb

(D) None of the above


2- All the Operating Systems get their total memory initialized from ??






3- The I/0 port that belongs to LPT2 is ??

(A) 3f8h

(B) 2e8h

(C) 378h

(D) 278H


4- From which location the first computer instructions available on boot up ??

(A) boot.ini

(B) CONFIG.sys




5- A fixed disk error is caused by ??

(A) Processor Issue

(B) No CD inserted

(C) Incorrect CMOS settings

(D) None of these 


6- What can happen if a slot is missing in computer ??


(B) Overheat

(C) Power Surges

(D) None of the above


7- What would be the best way to protect a computer if a short circuit happens ??

(A) Turn off the AC power 

(B) Disconnect the AC power cable

(C) Disconnect all the cables attached with PC

(D) Using a surge protector


8- If a printer cable is very close to the power cable, what could happen ??

(A) Parity Error

(B) Electrostatic discharge

(C) EMI Electromagnetic Interference 

(D) No effect


9- The standard VGA display has how many pixels in its native graphics mode ??

(A) 1024 x 786 

(B) 680 x 440 

(C) 640 x 480 

(D) 648 x 320 


10- In terms of a network interface card, 10/100 refers to ??

(A) Megabits per seconds

(B) Bits per second 

(C) Fiber speed

(D) None of the above


Basic Computer MCQs


11- Hard disk is divided into parts called “tracks” which are further subdivided into more parts called ??

(A) Sectors

(B) Phases

(C) Collections 

(D) None of these


12- A wrist grounding strap contains which of the following ??

(A) Transistor

(B) Resistor 

(C) Capacitor 

(D) options (a) and (c)


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